Controversial professional: contract terminated – Hinteregger ended his career at the age of 29

Eintracht Frankfurt Controversial pro

Contract terminated – Hinteregger ended his career at the age of 29

Martin Hinteregger ends his professional career

Martin Hinteregger ended his football career at the age of 29. The central defender’s contract was terminated at his own request. Hinteregger recently made headlines with business relationships with right-wing populist Heinrich Sickl.

Martin Hinteregger ended his career at the age of only 29. His contract was terminated on Thursday. There had recently been a lot of hustle and bustle around the Eintracht Frankfurt defender. He goes into that again.

EEuropa League winners Eintracht Frankfurt and Martin Hinteregger go their separate ways. The contract, which was valid until June 30, 2024, has already been terminated. The 29-year-old Austrian then announced that he would end his career. Hinteregger was recently heavily criticized because a cooperation with an FPÖ local council in the context of a football tournament he initiated, the “Hinti Cup”, became public.

The defense attorney ended the collaboration and credibly demarcated to the right, but made the next controversial statements in further interviews. According to “Bild”, Hinteregger was “down through” with the club, the coach and the team.

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Hinteregger was quoted as saying in the statement: “Last autumn I had my first thoughts of retiring after the season. I found myself in a difficult phase in terms of sport: my performance was fluctuating. The victories didn’t feel so good anymore, but every defeat hurt twice as much. My performance boost in the spring and our joint successes in the Europa League motivated me all the more to say goodbye with a great sporting success. I enjoyed the Europa League win so much because I knew then that it would be my last big victory celebration with the fantastic fans in this city, which has become my second home.”

“I condemn inhuman ideas in the strongest terms”

Hinteregger also addressed the allegations: “In the past few weeks, a number of issues have arisen in relation to my ‘Hinti-Cup’, which I have held with heart and soul and with a clear conscience, the scope of which only became clear to me afterwards. Emotional, maybe thoughtless words from me have led to irritation and I would like to apologize for that. I am very sorry. To say it again very clearly: I condemn right-wing, intolerant and inhuman ideas in the strongest possible terms. Anyone who knows me knows that. First of all, I need to gain some distance and reorient my life. I’m grateful that Eintracht gives me the opportunity to take this step now.”

Frankfurt sport director Markus Krösche said: “Martin Hinteregger has done great things for Eintracht Frankfurt in recent years and made a significant contribution to the club’s great development. Martin’s decision was unexpected for us, but he gave us his perspective and reasons in an impressive and convincing way. So there was no question for us to comply with this sportingly painful but humanly understandable wish. Martin’s step deserves respect and recognition. Not least because of his sincere apologies for his behavior over the past few days and weeks and his clear and credible distancing from right-wing ideas, he is always welcome in Frankfurt as a deserving player and European Cup winner. We hope he finds his way after his active career and we wish him all the best for the future.”

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