Confolentais: the huge European archery competition in figures

It will however be possible to follow several appointments, in particular the parade of nations in the heart of Confolens on Sunday afternoon, and to meet and see the competitors train in the archers’ village planted at the Lessac football stadium where two concerts will be proposed, June 25 and 1is July.

To give the measure of this event organized by the Confolent Archers club, one of the best European clubs, here are some figures that make you dizzy.

1.100. They could have been 1,400, they will finally be 1,100 archers, from 23 European nations. Competitors aged 10 to over 65. “ The sharp increase in fuel prices has deterred some. No doubt also the war in Ukraine and the uncertainties linked to covid”, analyzes Jacques Privat, the club president of the Confolent Archers which has 60 licensees, some who live in other regions. One of the best clubs in France: “David Adalbert, one of the best professional archers in France, is licensed with us. »

The volunteers were trained at the end of May.


2000, 3 000… Difficult to estimate precisely the number of people who come in addition to the competitors but there will be at least 2000: close to the competitors and enthusiasts. “The Confolent club has organized six international competitions since 1986, the last in 2014. The competitors and their families are consumers. They go to stay and frequent restaurants, supermarkets… The impact on the local economy is very significant. There’s not a single free bed for miles around.”assures Philippe Granet, “44 years of archery”vice-president of the Confolent Archers and president of the French Free Shooting Federation (FFTL).

400.000 euros. The total competition budget is commensurate with the event. The competition is financially supported by the city of Confolens, the Department, the Region, Lessac and the community of communes of Charente limousine, which enabled this event to receive 50,000 euros from the Leader program, European funds to co-finance projects that promote the development of rural areas. The CDC also provides equipment and labor (technicians and integration site).

50. Eight courses are deployed over 50 hectares between Confolens, Saint-Germain-de-Confolens and Lessac. There can be up to 168 participants per course simultaneously.

500. The number of 3D targets deployed on the courses. They represent animals and are shaped in a very dense foam.

The targets represent animals.

The targets represent animals.

Photo CL

100. The number of volunteers. They will have distinct roles, some having been specially trained in the control of equipment, others in the important rules of safety and competition, but also to animate the village of archers.

300. The number of medals that will be distributed during the final ceremony on July 2 in Lessac. There are about 70 categories, depending on age, type of bow used, etc.

2. Like the number of archery federations in France. The term championship is thus prohibited in this competition because of an old and latent opposition between the French Free Shooting Federation (FFTL) (1,500 members), the one to which the Confolent Archers club is affiliated and which organizes the competition, and the French archery federation (75,000 licensees). Archers Confolentais Facebook page.



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