Concern in Rangers about offers to Alfredo Morelos: Sevilla lurks, they seek to renew him | Colombians Abroad

The future of Alfredo Morelos is a question in Scottish football: if Rangers fail to renew his contract, which expires in June 2023, who will be able to help them?

The question is very elementary, according to former player Christopher Robert Burke: “he scored 18 goals in total last season and is an important figure for this Rangers. It is very difficult to find a striker who always scores goals,” the Scot told Sky Sport.

“Obviously, in every window there is speculation about Alfredo Morelos. He is in the last year of his contract and now do they sell him or keep him? I think he is going to be an important factor. If Morelos leaves, it will be very difficult to replace him,” he warned.

And it is that a guaranteed scorer of only 25 years and valued at 13 million euros is an opportunity for clubs that, like Seville, would have already raised their hands and for him and would have made the first contacts.

In his last season, the least productive and the one that has been most marked by injuries, he actually scored 18 goals but also gave 7 assists. That is more than worth the great confidence that DT Giovanni van Bronckhorst has in him, the same that Steven Gerrard previously offered him. Without a doubt, he is one of those players who are called ‘franchise’.

But now his own interests count, the desire to appear in a major league and to appear for the Colombian National Team, now under the command of Néstor Lorenzo. The market, in the end, is the one that marks the way.



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