Comeseaña Medellín president Ossa: Comesaña attacks the president of the DIM: “He’s an apparition in football” | Present

Julio Comesanauntil a few days ago technical Medellín, harshly criticized Daniel Ossa, president of the team, whom he said still lacks a lot of experience to lead a football club. The Colombian-Uruguayan strategist kept nothing to himself in dialogue with The Snail VBar.

“I didn’t leave, they left me“, the strategist responded forcefully when asked about the reason for his departure from the Mightyafter being eliminated in the final home runs of the championship.

Comesaña criticized Ossa’s statementswho, among other things, assured that the coach’s departure was on good terms and by mutual agreement.

Additionally, the former Junior technician emphasized that he did not underestimate the South American Cupwhich the team’s directives did. “I did not underestimate the South American, they underestimated it.”

“One has to have economic power, convening power and political power. Medellín has very great convening power; economic power, I don’t know if it has it, but in that sense the club meets its salaries, but political power does not have“, he added.

Julio Comesaña also said that the president of Medellín met with some fans of the team, orchestrating a bad atmosphere against him. “The lack of empathy is generated by the president, he meets with a group of fans and agrees to a lot of things.”

“Don’t make me speak, because I was going to go quietly, but I am going to defend myself against the things that are untrue. After what they say about the subject of age, Mr. Ossa is 34 years old, I have 74, I stand next to him and let us see who is older, “he added about it.

“He has never talked to me, I talk to him a lot. Raul (Giraldo), how many times i’ve talked to Daniel, perfect, I have respected him, he is the president of the club and I have avoided many problems with the players, because he is implying that I have problems with the players because of my age, nothing, I demand the same from them that I demand from myself same. I have a commitment to the institution and I don’t lie to the fans, I go with the truth, even if it hurts him, “he concluded.

And he criticized him harshly: “Is there someone so ignorant of football to say that this DIM campaign deserves to remove the coach? I hope that all this that was done is not thrown overboard, but Mr. Daniel Ossa has to respect me, because what he is doing is not taking care of money for his uncle, nor for the club, because he is doing things the wrong way“.

In this regard, he pointed out: “that they do not point me out and that I do not want Medellín and that I fight with the club’s fans, but no one is going to manage the team for mehe doesn’t have the guts to sit down and talk to me”.



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