Colomiers. Judo: Veterans bring home three medals

After two years of health restrictions and canceled competitions, the Colomiers judo veterans team from the USA was able to participate in the European Championships in Heraklion, Crete, in early June, despite the rather strict restrictions. And the Columérins are far from having returned empty-handed as the protégés of Christophe Bozzo, also the club’s technical director, returned to the territory with no fewer than three bronze medals: Rodolphe Gourseau in under 60kg, Laurent Verges in – less than 73 kg and Clément Condomines in less than 81 kg. Also present during this competition, Thierry Magne in less than 73 kg with a 5th place and François Ubeda did not deserve it.

On his return, a drink was held at the club to duly celebrate these remarkable performances for the club. In the presence of Philippe Briançon, deputy mayor in charge of sport and associative and civic life, President Alexandre Saby congratulated the entire team and its management before expecting new brilliant results for USC Judo at the French championships this weekend. week in Paris and then at the World Cup. championships in Krakow in September.



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