Colombia ranks 1-2 in the world arc with Sara López and Alejandra Usquiano

Colombia currently dominates world archery with two representatives, which becomes a historical fact for the national sport.

For six years, Sara López from Risaralda has been named the best archer, in the female compound modality, by the World Federation that governs this discipline. And now a compatriot, the same one whom she wanted to follow in her footsteps when she opted for the specialty, the escort in second place in the ranking, Alejandra Usquiano from Antioquia.

Usquiano, 29 years old, 14 of them immersed in the specialty of arrows, made the great leap up the ladder after beating Sara herself in the quarterfinals of the World Cup held in April in Antalya, Turkey, where she finally finished runner-up.

In 2013, a year before López began his international reign, Alejandra, who had won a Cup stop also in Antalya, won the title months later in the final of the event held in Paris, defeating the North American Erika Jones. From that moment on, the country’s compound bow began to focus on great deeds and gain respect. All the titles at stake in the compound have been won by López, who is now 27 years old.

“Latin America was seen as a weak force in archery, as a region that could not achieve good results; We have shown that we can do it,” López said at the time in an interview for World Archery.

The 1-2 of Colombia in this ranking generates joy, motivation and at the same time greater responsibility, as Usquiano assured this Wednesday.

“We are happy to see the reflection of many years of work. There are many results achieved in the last ten years to occupy that position, which has not been easy. The mission now is to continue fighting to continue being there or to make the leap to first place, ”said Alejandra, full of pride knowing that it was with Sara that she began to practically write this story.

“The task is to give new triumphs to the country. We always want more. As long as we can, we will continue to give 100% of our capabilities here. The goals are still big.”

Alejandra, winner of three world team medals (2013, 2017, 2021), comments that their goal is to leave Colombia in history in this activity. “If what we are doing leads to boys and girls wanting to enter this sport, welcome. It’s nice that others follow, work, love and respect this as we do, so that they can also achieve great things. In the meantime, we remain focused on leaving a mark”, concluded Alejandra, who, together with Sara and other colleagues, are concentrated in Valledupar, where they will begin their participation in the Bolivarian Games this Tuesday.



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