COLLЀGE DES EPONTOTS: Outdoor sports activities to be developed within the framework of the UNSS

This is one of the wishes expressed during the General Assembly of the UNSS which was held on Tuesday at the Collège des Epontots.

On this occasion, Laurent Coucoureux, Principal of the college, welcomed Philippe Pigeau, Mayor of Torcy, Manuela Romero-Portrat, Councilor for Sport and Associations and Guy Arnoud, President of the WHO.
Vincent Verneau and Maxime Ducroux, EPS teachers and UNSS facilitators detailed the sports and financial results for the year 2020-2021 and the one that is ending. Inevitably, with the Covid, the number of licensees fell to 44 in 2020 2021, i.e. 40 boys and 4 girls. They were more than 60 before the health crisis. Despite this, 6 teams were rewarded during the sport-health challenges. The Collège des Epontots is the one that had the strongest participation at the academic level. He was awarded €150 for the purchase of archery equipment. There was no official competition. 6 young officials, 5 boys and 1 girl, also took a licence.

For the current year, the number of graduates has increased with 31 boys and 23 girls, or 54 students in total. 3 boys and a girl were young officials. Here again, the limited sporting record boils down to a football match against the Center college, a futsal tournament in Torcy and one in Sanvignes for boys and girls.
To attract more young people to the UNSS, new outdoor physical activities (APPN) could see the light of day at the start of the school year. Orienteering, climbing, mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking could make their debut. It would also be necessary to find suitable timetables. A student present would like to play basketball. The amount of the contribution remains unchanged at 20 €. The city of Le Creusot is thanked for the allocation of a subsidy and that of Torcy for the provision of the hall of the gymnasium of the Lake. Théo Dufourgniaud, 3rd grade student, is rewarded for having been fired from UNSS during his 4 years of college.
In conclusion, Guy Arnoud underlined the alarming observation of obesity among young people. Many health problems are already present. The city of Le Creusot has set up the “Saturdays of Movement” which have been very successful. As well as Creusot Vacances Jeunes which allows many young people to discover sports and perhaps to get involved. For Philippe Pigeau, the health crisis has left its mark with the drop in the number of licensees in sport and in associations in general. Volunteers are also increasingly difficult to retain.
Come on, stay optimistic!




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