Closing of the Judo season in Isola Capo Rizzuto, Muto: “A sport that teaches to be respectful”

“When your teacher corrects you, thank him twice: the first because he is transmitting his knowledge to you; the second because he believes you are capable of learning”, With this Zen saying engraved on the year-end medals, the“ Judo Calabro Loprete ”closes the 2021-22 sports season. The event took place in the municipal villa with the presence of the Councilor for Sport Gaetano Muto and the councilor Domenico Bruno, specifically the delivery of the higher category belts for 64 athletes who took and passed the exam was held. To receive the coveted recognition were the judokas included in an age group between 4 and 18 years, who have obtained various belts between the White and the Brown. An excited Gaetano Muto, who awarded some athletes, congratulated Sensei Teresa Loprete: “Teresa is a living example of healthy sport, she has been teaching Judo to hundreds of children in our area for years and always does it with the same passion and the same love for sport. Judo is a sport that teaches first of all to be sportsmen, to respect the opponent and follow the rules, and that is why I invite everyone to register their children because at the end of this path a man will surely come out, or a woman, better “.In rewarding the boys – continues Muto – I saw the emotion and joy in their eyes, they were happy and today the happiness of the children is what matters most, for this I want to congratulate and thank Teresa for what she does every day, gives happiness”. In the end – concludes Muto – I thank the associations Japyx and Insieme per Te for always being present in these initiatives that affect the entire population and I bring greetings from our Mayor Maria Grazia Vittimberga ”.



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