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Chinese women’s basketball team wins third place in three-person basketball World Cup

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Chinese team players Cao Junwei, Wan Jiyuan, Wang Lili and Zhang Zhiting (from left to right) celebrate after the game.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ren Pengfei

Recently, in the bronze medal match of the FIBA ​​Three-person Basketball World Cup, the Chinese team won the third place with a 21-11 victory over Lithuania, winning medals for two consecutive World Cups.

In the group stage of this World Cup, the Chinese team, the defending champion, has experienced ups and downs. On the first match day, the Chinese team had one win and one loss, beating Romania but unexpectedly losing to Japan. Afterwards, the Chinese team adjusted quickly. In the next two group matches, the Lithuania team and the German team defeated the host Belgium in the quarterfinals and advanced to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, the Chinese team experienced ups and downs from falling behind to overtaking and then being “quasi-lore” by the opponent, and finally lost to the French team and missed the final.

The bronze medal match played against the Lithuania team again. The Chinese team was always in the lead, but the score never opened. Until about 5 minutes into the game, Wang Lili scored 4 points in a row, Zhang Zhiting also made frequent shots inside, and the Chinese team surpassed the score 14:7.

There was not much suspense in the subsequent games. The Chinese team played steadily and finally won the game 21:11. In terms of scoring, Wan Jiyuan scored the team’s highest 7 points, Wang Lili and Zhang Zhiting each contributed 6 points, and Cao Junwei, who participated in the World Cup for the first time, scored 2 points.

“This result was achieved by our best efforts, and it also inspired us to adjust the areas that were not good enough in this preparation for the next time.” Head coach Xu Jiamin said.

In recent years, the strength of China’s three-person women’s basketball team has stood on the world’s first echelon – the 2018 Asian Games gold medal, the 2019 World Cup champion, and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics bronze medal. Xu Jiamin said that in international competitions, the characteristics of the play styles between the teams have been known to each other, which is a test of personal ability. “When others limit you to the extreme, whether you can use your personal ability to end the game is what we need to improve in the future.”

“Three-player basketball requires every player to have very comprehensive skills, balance offense and defense, and both internal and external training. At the same time, there is a very high threshold for players’ physical fitness, that is, they must be balanced under high-intensity and high-speed physical confrontation. This is also the charm of this project.” Xu Jiamin said.

After the game, the Chinese team rushed to Austria for training and rest, and then went to Singapore to participate in the Asian Cup.

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