China Contributes the Most Athletes to the BWF Hall of Fame, RI to How Much?


China become the country with the most athletes in the ranks Hall of Fame BWF. There have been 19 athletes from the Bamboo Curtain Country on the list since 1998.

The BWF Hall of Fame has existed since 1997. At that time, Denmark became the most fertile country whose athletes received the award through Tonny Ahm, Erland Kops, and Finn Kobbero.

Their names are parallel to Rudy Hartono Kurniawan and Dick Sudirman. Apart from them there are several other athletes from England, Ireland, Malaysia, Scotland, Malaysia, and the United States.

After that, Chinese athletes entered the following year through the achievements of Han Ai Ping and Li Ling Wei. Then in the following years, China almost never missed passing its athletes. Only in 1999 to 2001, and 2003, 2004, and 2018 the names of Chinese players were not included.

Zhao Yun Lei’s latest entry into the ranks of the Hall of Fame this year. He completes the 18 names of other badminton legends who entered earlier Hall of Fame BWF.

His name, coupled with Indonesian badminton legend Liliyana Natsir. Both of them entered the elite ranks of badminton because of their inspiring achievements. Zhao Yunlei became the most successful athlete in the Olympics and World Championships after winning in two events, namely mixed doubles and women’s doubles.

After China, Indonesia and Denmark are listed as the most fertile countries because they have athletes with rich achievements in badminton. Each sent 8 representatives.

Here’s the list, citing the BWF page:

1. Han Ai Ping-1998
2. Li Ling Wei
3. Chen Yu Niang -2002
4. Hou Jia Chang
5. Tang Xian Hu
6. Ge Fei -2008
7. Gu Jun
8. Lu Sheng Rong
9. Ye Zhao Ying -2009
10. Lee Yong Bo -2011
11. Tian Bing Yi
12. Gao Ling
13. Zhang Jun
14. Huang Sui
15. Gong Zhi Chao -2012
16. Zhang Ning -2021
17. Cai Yun
18. Fu Haifeng
19. Zhao Yun Lei -2022

1. Park Jo Bong-2001
2. Kim Moon Soo- 2002
3. Chung Myung Hee -2003
4. Chung So Young
5. Kim Dong Moon -2009
6. Ra Kyung Min
7. Gil Young Ah
8. Ha Tae Kwon -2012
9. Bang Soo Hyun -2018

1.Tonny Ahm -1997
2. Erland Kops
Find Copper
4. Jorgen Hammergaard Hansen -1998
5. Morten Frost Hansen
6. Lene Køppen
7. Ulla Strand -1999
8. Kirsten Thorndahl -2000
9. Thomas Lund -2008

1. Rudy Hartono Kurniawan-1997
2. Dick Sudirman
3. Christian Hadinata- 2001
4. Liem Swie King-2002
5. Susy Susanti-2004
6. Tjun Tjun /Johan Wahyudi-2009
7. Rexy Mainaky/Ricky Soebagdja
8. Liliyana Natsir -2022

England – 7 representatives
Malaysia – 5 representatives
United States – 3 representatives
Ireland -2 representatives
Thailand -1 representative
Scotland – 1 representative
Sweden – 1 representative
Singapore – 1 representative
Japan -1 representative

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