Chalupu and Batán will dispute the Asturias championship of cuatreada

The Sierense club El Chalupu and the defenders of the title, the Batán club, will play the absolute Asturias championship on July 3 at Riaño’s bowling alley after beating El Piles and El Arenal, respectively.

Those from La Carrera clearly defeated the team from Gijón led by Alejandro Nuño after surprising them in the Pueblo de Asturias bowling alley by a resounding 6-14 and endorsing the pass the next day in Siero with a comfortable 7-5. The quartet formed by Luis Lastra, Daniel Loredo, Pedro Blanco and Alberto Palacio had an excellent game in the first leg and in the second leg, despite starting losing 3-0, they managed to recover to not give the team formed by Nuño, Josín Suárez, Mundo Miguel and Llerandi an option. Montes, who replaced Fernando Villazón after the opening games of the first game.

More closely fought was the beginning of the eliminatory of the second semifinal. El Arenal, with a squad made up of David Fernández, Abelardo López, Juan Villanueva and Víctor Iglesias “Quirós” became strong at home to push the defending champions to the limit. Jairo González, Javi Díaz and Enrique González counted as reinforcement for this duel with Miguel Ángel García “El Caraqueñu”, who contributed to the victory away from home by the minimum 14 to 13.

The tables turned in the second leg held at noon on Sunday at the Caudal bowling alley. Those of Batán were more successful and managed to prevail by 14 to 8, thus obtaining the passport for the final in which they will try to harvest their second consecutive regional wound.

The semifinals of the Asturias championship for First Category teams were also resolved this weekend. Rozaes and Barredos will face each other in the final scheduled for July 2 at 6:00 p.m. in Pumarabule after beating El Biche and Nembra, respectively, in their respective heats. Those of Bimenes defeated the Polesied by 14 to 7 and 8 to 9, demonstrating a clear superiority in both duels. Barredos, meanwhile, had to come back from a 14-12 loss from the first leg, beating the Aller council in Lavian territory by 14-5.

The Second Category final, scheduled for Sunday at 12:45 p.m. in Pola de Laviana, will measure Belonciu La Venta Los Probes. Just before, in the same bowling alley, the Santiago de Gijón and San Martín de Collera clubs will play for third place in the most modest category.



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