Chae Jong-hyeop X Park Ji-hyun The reason it got serious on the badminton court is your acceleration

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‘The speed to you is 493km’ Chae Jong-hyeop and Park Ji-hyun play badminton together.

Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop) in the KBS 2TV drama ‘The speed that goes to you at 493 km’ (hereinafter ‘You Accelerate’) broke up with Park Tae-yang (Park Joo-hyun) at the request of his older sister Park Jun-young (Park Ji-hyun). It was also because of Park Joon-young, but above all, it was for Park Tae-yang, who would have a harder time if the relationship continued.

The situation of Park Tae-joon, who is always compared because he is Park Jun-young’s younger brother, and who has to give up love because he is Park Jun-young’s younger brother, makes viewers’ hearts sad. This aroused many people’s curiosity about what would happen between the two siblings after the breakup.

In the midst of this, on the 1st, the production team of ‘Accelerate You’ drew attention by releasing photos of the siblings Park Tae-joon and Park Jun-young in a confrontation with a badminton net in between. This match was held at the suggestion of Park Tae-joon, and it is the first time since elementary school that two siblings play badminton together. Because there was a story I wanted to share seriously in the shuttlecock going back and forth.

In the first published photo, Park Jun-young holding a racket after a long time catches the eye. Park Joon-young, who has been holding a racquet for a long time since the accident, is full of affection. Park Tae-joon’s eyes, looking at her older sister from her side, also contain various emotions.

Next, the brothers and sisters stand occupying one court each with a net in between. Park Tae-joon, who knows the fun of badminton after meeting Taeyang Park and burns his passion after meeting Taeyang Park, and Park Jun-young, who has not played badminton for three years after being injured as the best badminton star in Korea. Expectations are high on how the two siblings’ confrontation will unfold.

In addition, the expressions of the two people in the last photo look serious, which amplifies curiosity. Did Park Tae-joon really want to say something, so he proposed to Park Joon-young to play badminton? What happened to the siblings Park Tae-joon and Park Joon-young, who had been playing badminton for a long time? We are looking forward to episode 13 of ‘You Accelerate’, which can confirm this.

On the other hand, the 13th episode of ‘The Speed ​​To You’ is broadcast at 9:50 PM on the 1st.

By Cha Hye-young, staff reporter for Ten Asia, [email protected]

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