Caussade. Coralie’s Great Adventure

Coralie, 20, lives in Saint-Étienne-de-Tulmont and practices archery at the Fronton club, approved for disabled sports. Coralie has DiGeorge syndrome, a genetic disease affecting the immune, cardiac, digestive, intellectual and motor systems. This does not prevent him from performing, which helps him fight against the disease. In March, she had already brought home a gold medal at the French Handisport Indoor Championships in Saint-Herblain. Saturday, June 25, in Abilly, near Châtellerault, Coralie, full of hope, competes for a new medal in the French championship in the outside arc. All year, Coralie trained with courage, relentlessness and determination to give herself every chance of winning a medal. Anyway, the important thing is to participate in the taste of Coralie. During a competition in Bressols, in June, she took part for the first time in a night shot; she shot at 50 meters and finished on the second step of the podium, behind Montauban (against an able-bodied person), a great experience and a very nice victory when you know that the national category of Coralie (electric wheelchair and gallows) does not exceed 15 m. Thank you to the Bressols club for welcoming Coralie.

Coralie is currently the only archer in France to dare to compete at distances of 20 to 70 m with this kind of handicap and equipment, a great challenge for her and a source of pride for many. The French Archery Federation has been awarded the para-archers, which should open doors for archery on gallows and electric wheelchair such as the practice Coralie.

On Saturday, she will therefore be on the firing line to try to make her village of Saint-Étienne-de-Tulmont and her club of Fronton shine and is counting on everyone’s support to support and encourage her. She will represent the Occitanie region. Coralie wishes that her sports performance will not remain insensitive to the eyes of elected officials and officials of the region so that she finds teachers at home because of her pathology and her school situation.

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