Catch further from the field! Orders will limit officials to shouting at referees

He has a pifka for Pražáky, at least he doesn’t save on provocative messages. For the last time in Eden, an upright middleman showed Slavia fans during a fierce title duel.

“When I cross the demarcated line, I expelled and they would like to put you in the stands, but no one minds that the head of the club stands at the line and directs the referee. I don’t think we would see that outside … “coach Petr Rada complained in the show Přímák on

It is no secret that the performance of the Pilsen boss Adolf Šádek near the field caused the biggest reason for the change of orders.

The clubs agreed to clarify the organizational rules for the entry of club members and other persons not involved in the match into the field. Newly, their movement will be restricted so that they do not enter the field of play within ten minutes before the start of the match, for the entire match until five minutes after the end of the match. However, there are more news …

B-teams will not count in the second league for promotion and participation in the playoffs – With regard to the already three B-teams in the second league, the clubs agreed on detailed rules for possible variants in the system of promotion and relegation between the first and second highest competition. The standards will re-correct the cases in which one of the reserve teams would finish in one of the first three places in the final table of the 2nd league. In principle, the buckets placed in the first three places, with a few exceptions, are not included in the final ranking for the purposes of promotion to the 1st league or participation in the playoffs.

Big change. The highest Czech football competition will have a single ball. How do you like it?Video:

Multiple players per substitution – In the first league, the coaches will have the opportunity to use up to 11 substitutes for the allowed five substitutions, in contrast to the usual number of seven players in previous years. The clubs approved an interesting novelty following the example of some foreign competitions and also after some first-league clubs had to invest in stadium equipment and increase the space of benches for substitutes and team members. This is also the reason why the change could not be introduced for the second highest competition this year.

Vacancies– After the relegation of the Ústí clubs from the second highest competition, Petr Heidenreich left the position of vice-chairman of the League Committee for FNL after many years. František Jura from Prostějov took his position. The same reason led to a change in the position of a member of the LFA Control Committee for the highest competition, where Petr Hort from the descending Karviná was replaced by the newly elected Richard Jukl from Hradec Králové.



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