Cataño Tolima Torres Flamengo: Cataño after losing to Flamengo: “The teacher didn’t want to count on me” | Sports

Daniel Catano, antioquian steering wheel Sports Tolimacontinues to be the center of criticism after the missed penalty in the final against Atlético Nacional and the subsequent expulsion for a hit on goalkeeper Kevin Mier. At the end of this Wednesday’s game against Flamengo for the Libertadores Cupthe player recounted details of a talk he had with Hernan Torreswho did not want to have it for said match.

The man from Antioquia was a substitute and entered the field of play at 58 minutes, instead of the Peruvian Raziel Garcia, who did not appear as a starter for several games.

“I was very surprised too. but it is understandable, they are things of the teacher. We spoke yesterday after lunch, we had a little chat, I have always had a good relationship with the teacher, I expressed my feelings to him,” Cataño said in an interview with ESPN.

In this regard, he revealed: “including the teacher, here telling the things that sometimes are not good, such as incidence, the teacher wanted not to bring me and not count on me for this game. He wanted me to go home and be with my wife and daughter, to hug them, but at that moment I didn’t share it, I told him that I was happy playing football, that the only way to be calm was playing football, what If I wasn’t going to start, I wanted to be with the group in the bank, to be part of this“.

Cataño added: “because this is normal, these are things that happen to us and I am part of this institution, I also have personal dreams and desires, as a group we want to advance in the Copa Libertadores.”

“It was my position before the teacher, lI respected his decision and look, today I had to enter for a long time and I tried to shake hands with the team as much as I could. Now all that remains is to think about the second leg and recover, “he concluded in this regard.

Tolima fell 0-1 in Ibagué against Flamengo and next Wednesday he will define his luck in the draw by visiting the legendary Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.



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