Catalan swimming coach Andrea Fuentes saves Anita Álvarez’s life after fainting in the water

BarcelonaAmerican synchronized swimmer Anita Álvarez has been the victim of a major scare on Wednesday at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest. The athlete fainted in the water while doing his exercises in the free artistic swimming solo final. The accident was just a nasty scare thanks to the quick intervention of his coach, the Catalan Andrea Fuentes, who was quick to jump into the pool to rescue his pupil.

After leaving the bunk pool, Alvarez has recovered and is safe, although, as reported by the US team, will be subjected to various tests in the coming days to determine the causes of the episode that has lived. Fuentes, born in Valls, has been the coach of the United States synchronized swimming team since 2018. During her time as an athlete, she was four times an Olympic medalist and thirteen times a medalist in the World Swimming Championships. His intervention has been vital.

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