Carlos Antonio Vélez warns Lorenzo: ‘I’m afraid the renewal will be postponed’ | Colombia selection

Néstor Lorenzo is the technical director of Melgar de Perú. He will not arrive at the Colombian National Team before July 10, once he ends his agreement with his current club. But, as is tradition, the pressures have begun to be felt even before his arrival.

The journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez, alluding to his disagreement with the result of the presidential elections, has been the first to express his fears in the face of the cycle that has not yet begun.

“There, Don Lorenzo, in a country like this where ‘letting go and letting go’ is patented, very surely he will call on those who don’t play and all those who have already failed resoundingly in the national team, but who continue to sound noisily,” he said on Antena 2.

Was he referring to James Rodríguez again? At least he didn’t mention it: “I’m afraid the renewal will be postponed and the Fabras, Villas or Muriels will appear.”

His concern is that the new national coach, who at other times stood out for his experience in the national team despite having been under the command of José Pékerman, whom he harshly criticizes in each of his comments, does not take into account the moments of the players and value their history more: “above all, what we have to worry about is inactivity. To come to the National Team, you have to be well. There are referent players, we hope to promote them and that they assume that responsibility and lead Colombia to the highest high,” he commented.

“It is transcendental that everything is carried out with uniformity in terms of planning, training and methodology. It is certain that we will be close to the youth coaches,” he concluded.



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