Carlos Antonio Vélez criticized David Ospina for possible arrival in Saudi Arabia | Colombians Abroad

The future of David Ospina could be decided in a matter of days: in Italy they give as a fact that he will not renew with Napoli and even affirm that he has already handed over his house and would be organizing a move, which gives strength to the version of his departure. Where will he go?

The versions of the market indicate that he would go to Saudi Arabia, where they would have made him a tempting offer of 3.5 million euros of annual salary, in addition to multiple benefits for him and his family.

And faced with the mere possibility, many reacted on social networks, although few with the vehemence of the journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez, who said on Antena 2: “From being on a supposed sheet to go to Real Madrid to appearing now in the United Arab Emirates, you cannot be, it’s all over, it’s all over”.

This type of leagues, which base their persuasion on generous economic offers, bury talent, according to the analyst: “I find it very sad that a player at his age, still competitive, is thinking of the United Arab Emirates. Surely he will have silver, but I don’t think he needs it, I don’t think Ospina’s problem is the ticket… I don’t think there’s a need to run away for a game that’s going to bury him. Those who fall over there die sportingly”.

The sports reality causes him a lot of concern: “The competition is short, it is not demanding, many of these teams are made up of semi-professional players. That is like going to receive a retirement pension,” he said.

The change from Serie A, one of the five major European leagues, to Saudi Arabia, is a huge mistake for Vélez: “I am very sorry. Today David Ospina is free. They made him an offer to renew and he did not like it. In Naples he had brilliant moments and he is a player that still works… He refused to renew with a team in which he remains in force and plays in the Champions League. I think we lost him, what a shame, I am very sorry because he is a current and competitive goalkeeper.” , he concluded.



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