Carl Hoefkens, a wave of departures to manage and an obligation of 4th consecutive title

Anyone who has never won the Pro League as a player will have to change their habits. Champions for the past three years, the Bruges fans have been accustomed to the taste of victory. Carl Hoefkens knows it, not winning a fourth title in a row would be considered a poor performance: “Our objective? To win this fourth title in a row, let’s not beat around the bush. The title is always a must in Brugge, the only thing that matters. And preferably with good football”, does it slip into the columns of the Newspaper.

Winning the Pro League would allow Carl Hoefkens to do as well as his predecessors Philip Clement et Alfred Schreuder. But in Bruges, it’s not enough to do as well, you have to do better. For this, Carl Hoefkens is aiming for the Belgian Cup, even if the new coach considers the competition as “an additional objective, the championship remaining the priority”. A success in the two national competitions would give Carl Hoefkens a double which has not been achieved since… 1996, already by the people of Bruges.

Qualified in the Champions League, the people of Bruges will also be keen to do well on the European scene, even if Hoefkens does not want to talk about goals before the draw: “The objectives in C1 will depend on the draw. Saying that we want to be first in the group may seem ridiculous after the draw. Let’s wait for the draw, and then we will see how ambitious we can be”. Last year, the Blauw en Zwart had inherited a particularly strong group (with Manchester City, PSG and Leipzig) and had finished last in their group. Passing the group stage this year would be a big achievement for the people of Bruges.



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