Capitals lose another series


Under a 7-5 loss, the Quebec Capitales lost their three-game series to the Sussex Country Miners on Sunday in Augusta.

Manager Patrick Scalabrini’s club dropped the flag in their first game against Georgia, before ending a three-game drought in the second game.

It is also the second consecutive series where the “Caps” know the failure.

In today’s matchup, the Capitals had a one-run lead going into the Miners’ eighth at bat. A bad pitch from Nick Horvath first allowed Arial Sandoval to step on the plate and create the tie. Nick Garland then drove in two runs on a single.

Absolutely having to come back to the score in the ninth inning, the Capitals batters came up against the defense of the crowd favorites.

In position during the rise of the Miners, Nick Horvath (2-1) suffered the setback. The 25-year-old southpaw was unable to get a single out and allowed three runs on two strikes to the safety.

Offensively, on the visitor side, TJ White and Marc-Antoine Lebreux both had two hits in three plate appearances. First baseman Webb Little also stood out with a two-run home run.

The Capitals now meet the New York Boulders on Tuesday for the first duel of a three-game series at Stade Canac. Last week, the formation of the Big Apple won two of the three meetings between the two clubs. It was the first in 2022 that the “Caps” lost a series.



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