Cantù, here it is Sacchetti. “I’ll give my best, as always”

First official day as a biancoblù coach: the presentation to the press and then the crowd at the Eagles Festival

«Happy to be in Cantù. Great club, beautiful supporters, passionate and demanding, here they coached the best, and the list is long. I will give my best, as always, for me it is a new beginning, I have great motivations, curiosity and a great desire to play the pitch ». The big day has arrived.

Romeo “Meo” Sacchetti paraded in front of journalists at the moment of the official presentation in the new city headquarters of Cantù Basketball. Excited, but charged, the former coach of the national team is ready to take the part.

He has already spoken with GM Sandro Santoro and with all the managers, and has already started watching videos of what the team has done this year.

Tonight, then, another crowd bath for him: he is in fact expected at the Eagles Festival at Parco del Bersagliere. Nothing better to realize the climate that he will find in Cantù, where so far he has always and only come as an opponent, both as a player and as a coach.


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