Canoe State Championships: AKC canoeists fish medals in Cologne

Tobias Heuser, Ingrid Degboe and Marlon Assing were able to win two runners-up titles and a large number of final places at the Canoe Racing State Championships on Lake Fühlinger in Cologne
midsummer temperatures for the AKC Oberhausen. This event was held in its full size with around 1000 athletes on site for the first time since 2019. The 15-year-old Ingrid Degboe was particularly surprising in the young women’s race. Only at the beginning of the year did she switch to the training group with Caroline Heuser, and the 15-year-old student from the heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium impressively demonstrated her improving form. Starting in a single kayak over the 500m distance in the fastest pre-run, Ingrid Degboe safely qualified for the intermediate run. Here she started the race with a fast start and confidently made it into the B final. Here trainer Karsten Heuser completely surprised her, with a start-finish victory and sometimes a good 2 boat lengths lead, Ingrid Degboe secured victory here. Degboe also used her strength and sprint strength in a single kayak over the 200m distance. With two good races, Degboe qualified for the final on Sunday, where she secured a strong eighth place in the leading group from the start and qualified to participate in the German Championships in mid-August in Brandenburg an der Havel. The highlight of the weekend for the 15 year old was the long distance in a single kayak over the 5000m distance. Directly at the start, she took second place in the field and defended it over three laps with a total of 5 turns to the finish – vice championship for Ingrid Degboe.

It was much more difficult for Tobias Heuser and Marlon Assing to assert themselves in the men’s performance class, in which all adult top performers from 19 to 32 years old meet. Here, despite training and parallel evening studies, Tobias Heuser reached the finals in single kayaks over the 200m, 500m and 1000m distances after good preliminary and intermediate runs. On a hot Saturday, with a good 37 degrees in Cologne, Tobias got one here
Respectable eighth place over the 500m, over the 1000m middle distance and 200m sprint distance, Heuser took fifth and sixth place.

The two AKC canoeists Assing and Heuser then drove a strong race in the final two-man kayak over the 5000m long distance. After the start lying in second position, the two marathon-experienced Alstadeners kept catching up with the leaders in the turns
Essen boat and kept the “pressure on the boiler” the race pace so unexpectedly high. At the end of the last three rounds, the Essen boat finally managed to break away from the two Oberhausen canoeists. The vice title was Tobias Heuser and Marlon Assing however
no longer to take.

The 2019 Oberhausen Junior World Champion Niklas Heuser, who started for KG Essen for the first time this year, also achieved good results. In the single kayak over the 500m, the 20-year-old administrative trainee from Mettmann secured sixth place, over the 200m sprint distance he had to be satisfied with fourth place and the “Wooden Medal”. Niklas Heuser demonstrated his qualities in the team boat in the two-man and four-man kayaks with 3 state championships in the two-man kayak over 200m and in the four-man kayak over 500m and 1000m. Niklas secured two more vice titles in the two-man kayaks over 500m and 1000m.

While Tobias and Niklas Heuser, Marlon Assing and INgrid Degboe were fighting for medals in Cologne, Caroline Heuser was preparing for the Junior and U23 European Championships in the German National Training Center in Kienbaum (Brandenburg) starting next Friday
Serbian capital Belgrade. After two very good level tests during the training camp over 4x 1000m and 2x 250m, which confirmed her good form, the plane took off for Belgrade on Monday. Caroline Heuser will start there in the four-man kayak of the dameen juniors over the 500m distance sitting in the boat in 3rd place. The mood is good: “I’m really looking forward to it. The track is beautiful. The water is almost 228 degrees, these will be really fast races.”

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