Camila Serrano and Alhelí López win bronze in National Judo – El Sol de Parral

The athletes from Parral, Camila Serrano and Alhelí López, were covered in bronze for Chihuahua, as part of their participation in the Conade National Games (National Sports Commission) of Judo 2022, where they lost the pass to the grand final against the representatives of Nuevo León and Quintana Roo, respectively, in an activity that took place in the Gymnasium of the Multiple Use Center of Hermosillo, Sonora from June 15 to 19.

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It should be noted that this fair of the sports discipline in question, hosts the best exponents of judo from all over the country, within the categories, sub-15, sub-18 and sub-21, where the teams that present a high level and that are always protagonists are: Jalisco, Nuevo León and Baja California.

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It should be noted that eight Parralenses athletes qualified for this national competition, with a path that began in the state phase, an event held in our city last February and in April in the regional macro, held in Aguascalientes, Representing the Chihuahua team, they achieved their pass to the Conade 2022 National Games.

The athletes who obtained their pass to the national were; in the sub-15 category, Sergio Baylon in 40 kilos; Eduardo Candía at 48 kilos, Jazmín López at 44 kilos; Camila Serrano 64 kilos and Alhelí López in 58 kilos, for his part in sub-18, Jan Rincón in 60 kilos, Roberto Domínguez in 88 kilos and Emmanuel Torres in 73 kilos.

The Parralenses obtain a bronze medal

Among the results obtained by the Parralenses for the delegation of the large state, were the following: Alhelí López bronze medal in the division of 58 kilos sub-15, by beating his three rivals in the regular round of the states of Mexico City, Tamaulipas and Veracruz, but in the semifinal they fell to the competitor from Quintana Roo.

For her part, Camila Serrano in the sub-15 category in the 64 kilos division, won the bronze, by winning a fight and losing another in the first round, but in the fight to go in search of reaching the In the end, she lost to the representative of the northern state of Nuevo, León, with this this athlete could be called to the national team, to be present at the Pan-American tournament, to be held in Panama in November.

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Meanwhile, the athletes, Sergio Baylón, Eduardo Candía, Emmanuel Torres and Jan Rincón did not reach their participation, to obtain a medal, where Jazmín López did not make the weight and had no activity, in addition to Roberto Domínguez did not appear at the fair.

It is noteworthy that the coaches who contributed athletes from Parral to the Chihuahua team were the senseis, Gabriel González and Andrés Martínez.

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NOTE: The delegation from Chihuahua achieved five bronze medals, of which two were from Parralenses.



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