Cali will host an important tennis tournament due to social outburst in Ecuador

Cali will host the ATP Challenger tournament after social problems in Ecuador. Reference image

Colombia will host a new circuit tournament Challenger from ATP after the social problems that are exploding in Ecuador these days made it impossible to organize the Quito Challenger, which takes place in the week of June 27 to July 3. the management of the Colombian Tennis Federationthe Valle Tennis League, the ATP and some private companies allowed the tournament to be assigned to the Cali city.

It is expected that the players who had registered for the tournament in Quito will be the same ones who will play in the capital of the valley from Cauca. Among them the Argentine Facundo Menanumber 170 in the world, and the Colombian Nicholas Mejia, 292 in the world and who trained as a tennis player in the city of Cali. The venue for the event will be country Club and the beginning will be next Sunday. The main draw will be made up of 32 tennis players (21 seeds, three invitation cards, two special exceptions and six winners of the qualifying draw).

The last time Cali hosted an event of these characteristics was in 2017 when the Argentine Federico Delbonis beat the Brazilian 7-6(10) and 7-5 in the final Guilherme Clezar. The Colombian quota was in charge of Luis Valero, Christian Rodriguez and Alexander Gonzalezthe latter being the one who advanced the most rounds reaching the quarterfinals.

This will not be the only tournament on the circuit Challenger to be done in the country. Well, in the week of July 4 to 10 will take place on the clay courts at the Carmel Club of the city of Bogota DirecTV Opentournament with the same characteristics.

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This was the list of tennis players registered at the Quito Challenger 2022:

The government of Ecuador refused this Wednesday to repeal the state of exception that governs six of the 24 provinces of the country, as demanded by the indigenous movement to put an end to the protests that have been going on for ten days. “We can’t lift the Exception status because that is to leave the capital defenseless, and we already know what happened in October 2019 and we are not going to allow it,” said the minister of Government, Francisco Jiménez, to the Teleamazonas channel.

The powerful Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie), which leads the protests, called in 2019 for demonstrations that lasted two weeks and left 11 dead and more than 1,000 injured nationwide, as well as losses of 800 million dollars. In Quitothe indigenous then occupied the seat of the Congressset fire to Comptroller and damaged public and private goods.

The president of the Conaie, Leonidas Izaconditioned on Tuesday any dialogue with the government to the repeal of the state of exception and the “demilitarization” of a park of Quito where indigenous people traditionally gather when they protest in the capital, and which is currently under the control of soldiers.

The Conaiewhich mobilized at least 10,000 indigenous to Quitohundreds of whom have violently clashed with the police in recent days, mainly calls for the reduction of fuel prices.


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