Cagliari also beat the Oltretorrente

Four victories in five matches for the Sardinian “beat and run” teams engaged yesterday in the competitions valid for the national championships.

Serie A Baseball. In Iglesias, Cagliari kept their unbeaten run in the Serie A baseball game, overcoming the Emilians from Oltretorrente by 4-3 and 7-2.

In game 1, the Parmesan scored two points in the 2nd inning and one in the 5th, but in the same second half the Cagliari team grabbed the draw and signed the overtaking thanks to the points beaten at home by Angioi, Pestana and Rodriguez. The starter Murgia was the winning pitcher, with Angioi then deployed as a closer. In the second match, the rossoblùs scored two points in the 2nd inning and one in the 5th, the guests shortened by putting two on the scoresheet in the 6th round, but the home team closed the practice by extending up to 7-2 in the eighth inning. Decisive, in attack, Murgia, Pestana, Turino, Perez and Cuesta, who was deployed as a closer after Fandino’s winning performance. “If we finish at the top of the group, we will be seeded in 2023 and we will also play the qualification for the Italian Cup with the advantage of playing at home. The Cup also assigns a place in European competitions, a very difficult goal ”, explained manager Walter Angioi from Cagliari. “We started well in this second phase of the tournament and we want to continue like this. Some small regrets for not having entered the championship but we are satisfied, we are in good shape ”.

Alghero. In baseball B, Catalana beaten 6-7 in Alghero from Fossano. At 11, however, the Sardinians will be able to redeem themselves in race 2.

Softball. In A1, double fundamental success for Nuoro, who won 11-5 and 7-3 in the penultimate-last salvation match against Bussolengo, the last series before the break for the national teams. Two home runs were not enough for the Venetians: the points beaten at home by Clark, Zidda, Piras, Mastino and Agard and the winning performance of the pitcher Cavallo earned the Nuorese victory in race 1. Guests ahead at 0-3 at the beginning of the second game, the music changed when the pitcher Ramirez and the offensive phase of Nuoro unlocked in the 4th round. For Banco di Sardegna, who scored for three innings in a row, Piras, Koffy, Mastino, Ricciardini and above all Zidda, also author of a two-point home run, were decisive.

In A2, at 11, the Supramonte Orgosolo, penultimate, will challenge the rear-end Porta Mortara on the home diamond.

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