Bundesliga: Klose jumps in at the deep end in Altach

Klose, 2014 World Champion with Germany and World Cup record scorer, announced last May that he had to take a break due to thrombosis in his leg. He had previously said goodbye as a co-coach at FC Bayern Munich. Most recently, he was under discussion as a coach at his former club 1. FC Kaiserslautern. There are also said to have been offers from the DFB team under head coach Hansi Flick.

The fact that he was now hired by Altach in Vorarlberg caused a stir. Klose apparently wanted to be head coach for the first time and have responsibility in his own hands. In that case, even the German national team has to wait for him. “I’m incredibly happy. I am full of anticipation and have been received in a very friendly manner. I’m allowed to work where others go on vacation,” said Klose on Monday in Altach.

GEPA / Oliver Lerch

Klose at the presentation on Monday in Altach: “I’m in the right place here”

Klose knows “that I have a lot of hard work ahead of me. It is important that the team has to show heart and passion. We have to work everything out bit by bit, so it’s also important that the team communicates with me.” Why did he sign with Austrian latecomer Altach? “Professionalization is important to me. I’m convinced that we’ll get ahead.” It seems to Klose that it’s important to make a name for yourself as a head coach – which speaks for him.

“Immediately a great feeling”

“I immediately had a super feeling in Altach,” said Klose. He did not want to comment on the possible future game philosophy with the Vorarlbergers. “I don’t want to commit myself to that, it’s important that the fans go home happy. If we can do that, a dynamic will also develop in the team and we will push ourselves. That’s my focus. In any case, as a coach, I give myself time to develop.”

The German also has to work out Austrian football first. “Peu a peu,” said Klose. He needs time for that. “For me, the work is only just beginning. I have to gain insight and see what we can work on. Now comes the training camp. We have to work our way and goals. Where do we want to go? I don’t know how fast that will go. But I think it’s incredibly important to have goals,” said Klose.

“Happy and Proud”

Those responsible for Altach wanted to stay on the ground despite the surprise coup. However, you could tell that they were happy about it. Managing Director Christoph Längle emphasized that he was “happy and proud” but that “no castles in the air” would be built. No one will ask Klose to get the club into the top six. Klose is known as a down-to-earth and hard worker, while Altach represents the same values.

Coach Miroslav Klose and manager Christoph Langle

GEPA / Oliver Lerch

Altach Managing Director Christoph Längle is “happy and proud” about the new coach

Sporting director Werner Grabherr was in charge of Klose’s engagement as the new head coach. According to Grabherr, Klose should promote the professionalization of the club. Klose stands for a very active game idea, one hopes to be able to cause surprises with him and to be competitive. Klose is a “winner on the pitch and a win as a person in the club”.



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