Breath of air for Cantù. The series is getting longer

In a very fiery PalaBancoDesio, in front of almost 4 thousand fans, theSan Bernardo water wins his first match of the final and reopens the series against Scafati, forward 2-1. Thanks to sweat, commitment and tenacity, the biancoblù manage to extend the series, deserving to play a Race 4 that is already glowing.

Cantù-Scafati, the race

Canturini on the pitch from the first minute with Bucarelli, Allen, Severini, Da Ros and Bayehe; the guests respond to the tap-off with Monaldi, Clarke, Ikangi, Cucci and Daniel.

Great balance on the pitch, with the teams still on 4 all after three minutes of play. To break the balance we think in sequence Bayehe, Severini and Allen, authors of the first canturino extension; 10-4 close to half of the fraction. A few moments later, again thanks to a flash of Allen, Cantù “double” Scafati, taking the lead to 14 to 7. Vitali’s assist, Cusin’s basket: a certainty. In the final quarter, however, the foreseeable guest reaction with Cournooh and Parravicini. The first ten minutes still end with Acqua S.Bernardo ahead 18 to 17 at 10 ‘.

The second period opens with the scafatese overtaking. Brianza’s response was immediate with an Allen increasingly in the evening and a superlative Nikolic, author of a great dunk. 26-20 at 13 ‘, time out called by coach Rossi. It is still Cournooh, however, even on his return to the field after the short break, who leads the hostile offensive offensive. Triple of the momentary -2. Parity at 15 ‘. 28 to 28 and this time it is coach Sodini who stops the game. At the resumption, an authentic “canestone” by Stefanelli gives again enthusiasm to the S.Bernardo; the winger, MVP of the quarter-finals, closed an important three-point game from the line that allowed the hosts to move forward. Another essential basket for Cantù comes from the hands of Da Ros, at the end of the 24 ”; and then again, two other heavy points with Bryant for the new +7 canturino. Nervousness subsided on the pitch: the refereeing trio sanctioned Sodini with a technician and, in the meantime, Givova took the opportunity to get back up in the score. At the long interval 42 to 37.

The third quarter opens with a great steal by Allen and a super basket by Captain Da Ros that dramatically raises the decibels of a very hot PalaDesio. Tension sky high, the stakes are high and other technicians flock, both on one side and the other. Tripla by Cucci and Scafati shortens the gap, taking only one possession by the biancoblù. 51-48 at 25 ‘. The Campania players find 52 even but the Canturina reply is quick, with the veterans Da Ros and Cusin real drivers; Cantù ahead 57-52 a minute and a half from the start of the last portion of the game. Nikolic at the end of the third quarter gives coach Sodini +3. Acqua S.Bernardo ahead 59-56 at 30 ‘.

In the first moments of the game the Gialloblù overtaking arrives with Mobio author of the sixtieth scafatese point; 59-60 just under 8 ‘from the end. Stefanelli “on fire”, triple of +6 and Desio turns into a bedlam. To the overbearing dunk of Bayehe everyone, absolutely everyone, standing at the PalaDesio; 68 to 60, Scafati on the ropes. Vitali is +10 and the inertia, four and a half minutes from the end, is all from Cantù. Capitan Da Ros is even +12 and in the Desian arena it is a total delirium; time out Givova, under 72 to 60. Upon returning to the field, the substance does not change: Severini scores a “treble” and PalaDesio rejoices like a goal in reverse. 75-60 at 37 ‘. Bayehe closes each speech early with a couple of minutes left to play; 77-62, Cantù very close to the credits. It ends 79-68, we go to Race 4 (

Cantù-Scafati, the match report

S.Bernardo Cantù-Givova Scafati water 79-68 (18-17, 24-20; 17-19, 20-12)

Cantù: Stefanelli 11, Bryant 2, Vitali 2, Nikolic 9, Borsani ne, Da Ros 17, Bucarelli 2, Cusin 6, Bayehe 14, Allen 10, Severini 4, Tarallo in All. Sodini
Scafati: Clarke 8, Cournooh 10, Cucci 5, Rossato 13, Daniel 14, Ikangi, Monaldi 6, De Laurentiis 4, Grimaldi, Perrino, Mobio 7, Parravicini 1. All. Rossi
Referees: Salustri, Gagno and Martellosio



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