Brax. Badminton Night was a success

The Black’Minton recently took place, at night, at the Claude-Casse gymnasium in Brax. Organized by the AS Badabrax badminton club, this 2nd edition, oh so successful, brought together nearly 130 people. Throughout the day, about twenty volunteers from AS Badabrax mobilized to ensure that the evening went off without a hitch. The festivities started at 7 p.m. Until 10 p.m., the participants were able to try their hand at free badminton games in the gymnasium. Snack bar and on-site catering also made it possible to refuel and regain strength. The products sold were purchased from Brax merchants. At 10 p.m., lights out. The badminton games took place in the dark. Special lights, spotlights, have been installed especially for the occasion. The steering wheels have also become fluorescent with the blue light of the spotlights. “The objective of Black’Minton is to introduce badminton in a fun and different way. Most participants are initiated into the discipline in the vast majority, but this is not always the case. We wanted to reiterate what has been done in the past, with success, during the first edition”, explains Vincent Roué, the president of AS Badabrax.

Soon, the badminton club, which should also be present during the Brax festivities this weekend, will hold its general meeting in early July at the Claude-Casse gymnasium.



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