Branchini: ‘Lukaku, Di Maria and Origi were not needed. Via the crisis with the Abraham by keeping Leao, Chiesa and Vlahovic. De Ligt… ‘| First page

Giovanni Branchini has his say on the market and on Italian football. The Fifa agent said in an interview with Corriere dello Sport: “How do you get out of the crisis? Through choices made with competence, not chasing the popularity of the shot. Young choices, and in any case of players who have potential to express and a career to build, not old champions with overflowing message boards and current accounts. The solution is young people, intuitions, knowledge, skills. The Abraham, more than the Lukaku, especially if you already have a player like Lautaro in your team. I don’t see it, I consider it an unnecessary move, having – Inter Milan – someone like Lautaro who, in my opinion, has extraordinary potential that has not been fully expressed. Furthermore Lukaku’s return could block other technically viable operations. How Dybala? Also. Mine is just an opinion, I will not enter into the merits of the operation, however I say that only starting from specific knowledge can the problems of Italian football be solved. Whose exponents certainly cannot play with the same cards of 4, 5 clubs, of the financial giants. About the young people, especially Italians, even the growth decree, as it was conceived, created problems “.

“I also have doubts about the signings of Origi and Di Maria, while I think it is important to keep Vlahovic, Leao, Chiesa in the system. A player who would suit all top clubs is Berardi, perhaps the best Italian

in circulation … Am I satisfied? I look reality in the face, register the decline in the quality of the interpreters. What Pasquale Bruno said the other day is the Gospel “. “Is De Ligt staying with Juve? The decision is yours alone. Juve are ready to renew his contract according to parameters that are convenient for both parties, but also to sell him if the Dutchman intends to leave. ”

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“The stars are few by now and often inaccessible, the purchasing power of Italian clubs has reduced considerably in recent years. Our tops can no longer compete with the very rich English and sovereign states. I have read that the president Casini plans to resolve the issue of agent commissions and other system failures with the help of FIFA. He proves to be a neophyte and an optimist, not aware of the extent of the problems, if he still has faith in Fifa and Infantino. Nothing has changed from 2018 to today, that is, since FIFA met the most important agents to set rules on transfers. Not even the shadow of new rules “.



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