Borussia Mönchengladbach: Daniel Farke has to clean up tough! – Bundesliga

So then not Favre, but Farke. Sounds similar, but it’s a complete alternative – which makes my Gladbach team’s search for a trainer look a bit surprising…

Did you now want a nerdy tinkerer who prepares games perfectly, but isn’t exactly the great talker and people-catcher?

Or just this cool guy Farke, who comes across as very empathetic, humble, but also very convincing?

It doesn’t matter now!

The clear philosophy that Borussia apparently didn’t quite have, I expect all the more from the new coach. To put it clearly: I finally want to see an idea of ​​football in my foals again! And one that suits this team!

With Marco Rose you could see that he wanted to make a difference, but he never got the defense tight – like again in Dortmund. So apparently he can’t. And goodbye!

Adi Hütter was put in front of a team with which he simply could not get his style through. Pressing with players who lack the basic speed? Couldn’t go well, didn’t go well. Pity!

So the two of them became instantaneous heaters who left the farm faster than Allan Simonsen could run. I hope and expect that Daniel Farke will not be a water heater now!

He seems to me similar to Steffen Baumgart in Cologne or Thomas Reis in Bochum. They both have what I always expect from a good coach: they speak the language of the boys, they notice how they tick. But they also have a tough authority and they prevent the formation of small groups, which unfortunately happened recently in Gladbach.

I think Farke manages to get the players to fight for him – just like the players in Cologne and Bochum do for their coaches. I want us to have guys in midfield again with dirty jerseys at the final whistle. Guys like Granit Xhaka was one. Not as wishy-washy as in the last season – it has to be cleaned up badly now!

Of course it’s not up to me to talk Farke into his ideas about tactics. But you saw under Rose and Hütter that the three-man chain is not for us. The defense has to become the foundation again, and Farke can then build his philosophy on that: Hopefully with a lot of courage, with enthusiasm, with speed and without this ball attachment in midfield and the constant cross and back passes.

If someone in front goes steeply – then give him the ball, even if the result is a bad pass. Mistakes are not a problem, cowardice is a problem.

I think Farke will pull it off!



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