Borussia Mönchengladbach: Daniel Farke gets the pros moving! – Bundesliga

New coach, new luck!

In front of 2000 fans, Gladbach started the preparations at the Fohlenplatz on Sunday. The new coach Daniel Farke (45) made the pros sweat a lot at his Borussia premiere – the first session lasted over two hours. Farke with a smile: “That was an easy gallop, almost a deep breath for the boys.”

No more Larifari: Farke gets the pros moving!

Fact: Last season Gladbach was fourth in the table in the first half, falling regularly in the second 45 minutes. Which was probably mainly due to the lack of fitness…

Farke wants to ensure that the professionals now have 90 minutes of breath in the new season.

Plain text from the coach: “I’m not a fan of the fact that we gather together during training and just keep the boys happy. These are football pros, we all lead privileged lives. I think you have to deliver for that.”

What the coach means – tough training work!

Farke: “Preparation means laying the foundations. In all areas: on the fitness level, on the game idea, on tactical things. It’s going to be a very intense phase. The preparation is no picnic, but hard work. We don’t have a day to waste.”

Not even in terms of squad planning – the top transfers are still missing!

Farke: “As a coach, you always have many ideas. The first incentive is always that you want to keep all quality players. The second point then is that of course you also want to add quality. And the third point is to provide a fresh wind and a blood refreshment overall. Those are the three goals for the transfer summer.”

What can Gladbach do about it?

Farke: “You have to think pragmatically and not live in a dream world. We will try to make good decisions. Then at the end of August you will see what that has led to. For now I’m happy with the squad I have here.”



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