Borregos Mty start basketball on the way to the Big 8 title

Los Sheep Monterey of basketball will begin this Thursday, June 23, the fight for the championship of the League ABE within the 8 big.

In the gym Prof. Omar Sandoval “The chicken coop“, of University Study Center (CEU) of Monterreythe Tec team will face the PU Mexico City at 2:00 p.m.

Reach the final and fight for the championship It is the main objective of the campus Monterreysaid his coach Mario Moreno.

That each player gives himself physically and mentally on the court, leaving his soul. That they leave satisfied and, above all, convinced that they have contributed their maximum effort and that this dedication during all the matches will lead us to win the championship”, he expressed.

Los Sheep Monterey they come from winning the silver medal on the National Universiade 2022in a final fought against the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP).

“That each player gives himself on the field physically and mentally, leaving his soul.”- Mario Moreno

The one that the players of Sheep keep the winning mindset in meetings is one of the lessons that the coach expects from young people.

Manage to create an awareness in the player that each game is not only playing, but is giving and even when fatigue and situations are not in favor, keep a mind to keep fighting until the last second.

As a consequence, that, on that effort, positive results are achieved and if this were not the case, maintain a mentality of struggle and constant effort as a habit.”, Moreno explained.

The matches of 8 bigwhere the campuses also participate Leon, Hidalgo and Guadalajarawill be transmitted through TVC Deportes.



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