Boris Becker: This tennis legend wants to visit him in prison soon!

He’s had to endure a lot of ups and downs in his life. Former tennis ace Boris Becker (54) was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for delaying bankruptcy and is now in a prison near London until further notice. Not an easy situation, especially since the sports professional is currently only rarely able to communicate with his family due to the prison sentence.

Prison makes him rich again. You can find out exactly what that means for Boris Becker in the video above.

Mother Elvira (86) in particular seems to have been taken by the verdict to this day. She is said to be planning to visit her son in London prison, but her health has so far thwarted her plans. Now none other than tennis legend John McEnroe (63) is planning to pay Boris a visit.

Boris Becker: His former tennis rival will soon comment for the BBC

As reported by several British media, the 63-year-old plans to visit Becker during the Wimbledon tournament, which will take place in Great Britain at the end of June. At the time, US-born McEnroe will be commentating on the tournament for the BBC. A job that Boris Becker sometimes took on himself! An uncomfortable situation – especially for sports professional John McEnroe.

John McEnroe on Boris Becker’s prison sentence: ‘I just feel terrible’

He therefore explained why it is particularly important for him to visit Boris personally in prison: “I feel terrible. Boris is a friend of mine. I don’t know exactly where he is right now. I think he was just recently moved to another prison. But I want to see him if it’s possible and if he wants it. I just feel horrible.” It is not yet known if and when McEnroe’s visit will take place. What is certain, however, is that the former rivals on the tennis court seem to have become real friends.



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