Bolivarian cauldron lit in iconic Valledupar site

VALLEDUPAR, Colombia.- After touring the sub-offices of Bogota y Chimichaguathe Bolivarian sports fire reached Valleduparhost city of the multi-sport events that open the cycle to Paris 2024, which on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 21, brought together its athletes to move this element that highlights Olympism, through the main avenues of the capital of Cesar.

From the early hours of today, the city mobilized in preparations to receive the Bolivarian sports fire that, after 10 am, arrived in Valledupar and began to travel from the Obelisk roundabout, giving way to an emotional tour that included relays by renowned Cesarean athletes, who shared the responsibility of carrying the torch before a large crowd that accompanied the transfer to Plaza Alfonso López.

The athletes Annie Vargas (Colombian selection of rugby), Robinson Varela (Cesar selection athletics), Andrea Cañón (world champion of skating), Gustavo Guerrero (Cesar selection of judo), Jorge Arias (professional soccer player), Manuel Moreno (Cesar selection of para athletics) and Jesús David Gómez (Colombian National Team power lifting), shared the relay of the Bolivarian sports fire, which was delivered to the distinguished athlete of the department, Óscar Muñoz Oviedo, who completed the transfer of the torch and in the presence of the mayor of Valledupar, Mello Castro González and the governor in charge of Cesar, Andrés Meza Araujo lit the cauldron for the first time in the city that will host the Bolivarian Games from June 24 to July 5.

It is important to point out that in the ceremony to receive the Bolivarian sports fire, the mayor of Valledupar and the president of the Bolivarian sports organization (Odebo), Baltazar Medina, highlighted the opportunity that the city has by hosting an event as important as the one that will live in the next few days.

“The XIX Bolivarian Games are a country commitment, we invite all Colombians to enjoy the tourist and cultural riches of Valledupar. This is a historic moment for our city and we are ratifying it with the lighting of the Bolivarian sports fire as a symbol of hope for all”Mayor Mello Castro González highlighted.

For his part, Óscar Muñoz highlighted the importance of the ‘Bolivarian caravan’ because with this gesture “Valledupar showed all its support with the Bolivarian Games and the start of the competitions is expected.
“It is an important festival for the Vallenatos and for Colombia, this will leave a great legacy for the city”indicated the taekwondoga, the only Olympic medalist in Cesarean sport.

In the next few days, the Bolivarian sports fire will tour the Valledupar communes, from Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd, to Friday 24th June, in a transfer that includes parades, cauldron lighting ceremonies, as well as sports and cultural displays in the squares of the neighborhoods October 12, May First, Casimiro Maestre and Garupal parks and the province, to then make its entrance to the Armando Maestre Pavajeau Stadium as one of the main acts of the official opening ceremony of Valledupar 2022.




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