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They are motivated and willing to give everything for the colors of their department. They have the talent, the desire and the commitment to leave everything on stage to shine and be great protagonists.

Yes. Bolívar has important cards to stand out in the Bolivarian Games that begin this Friday in Valledupar.

In the capital of vallenato, Bolívar aims to have great presentations in different sports to continue ratifying himself as one of the sports powers of Colombia.

They have trained with everything, leaving every last drop of sweat in each practice with the firm intention of arriving as well prepared as possible for the Bolivarian Games. Read here: Ramírez decides in Rays victory

Andrés Jiménez, skater from Cartagena who will be part of the Colombian team, assures that: “I feel 10 points, at a great level, it is the first time that I have the opportunity to participate in this event and that motivates me more. This is a great opportunity to fight and get a gold medal, that is the main objective that is sought. We have great capabilities to go fight those two golds that are in dispute”.

Jiménez affirms that opportunities must be taken advantage of and to the maximum to achieve success and that he sees very good possibilities to get on the podium. “I know that with talent and confidence, things will work out in the best possible way. Our preparation has been good. We are concentrated and focused on what we want. I want to represent Bolívar in a very good way in this championship,” he emphasizes.

Kerly Guzmán, also from Cartagena, a member of the women’s softball delegation, added that: “We have three months of preparation, the Special Softball League has helped us a lot to reach our level, obviously our goal is the title, I have already won four medals in silver in these Bolivarians and the truth is that I already want to win the gold one”.

Guzmán is clear about which rival to beat. “Venezuela, we have to beat that team. I’m ready for the party.”

It is quite an institution in the Colombia team. “I’m 36 years old, I started playing softball at 11 when Humberto Franceschi came to pick me up to play and I didn’t want to go at first, today I am what I am in softball, partly thanks to him.”

Baseball, a sport that characterizes us, has several representatives from Bolívar. Yeizer Marrugo is one of them. “The objective is to achieve the gold medal, we are focused on that, these are my first Bolivarian games, we are finalizing details to go out on the field with the best we have.”

Geiner Moreno, an athlete from Cartagena, is also full of emotion. “Every time Colombia is represented in an international fair, it is the best, my goal is to win a medal, I aim for the gold, I have prepared well and I hope to reach the goal set.”

a great blank

The Bolivarian Games become a preparation fair for several of the athletes who will represent us in the National Games, to be held in the Coffee Region in 2023. Defending the fourth place achieved in the 2019 fairs in Cartagena is the goal.

Bolívar has too much talent in the different sports disciplines and in each competition that his athletes attend, they give themselves to the maximum to ratify the good sports level. In the Bolivarians, the department wants to bring out the caste again.

The payroll

The list of Bolivarians who will represent us in the international contest is as follows.

In softball: Mayra Espitaleta, Solybeth Núñez, Danisha Livingston and Kerly Guzmán.

Archery: Andrés Pilas and Alexandra Sandino.

Athletics: Geiner Moreno and Gilmar Correa.

Skating: Andrés Jiménez, María Fernanda Timms and Luz Karime Garzón.

Weightlifting: Francisco Mosquera.

Boxing: Carlos Utria

Floor volleyball: Darlevis Mosquera, Genesis Rodriguez, Kenya Mendoza and Jhon Neck.

Voleibol playa: Sneider Rivas.

Baseball: Carlos De Ávila, Edilberto Mendoza, Ronald Ramírez, Sugar Rey Marimón, Sergio Palacio, Edwin Villa, José Altamiranda, Jhon Pelufo, Yeizer Marrugo, Randy Cuentas, Luis Arrieta, Jhonatan Lozada, Rafael Romero, Keiner Manrique, Jesús Sepúlveda, Geison Jiménez, Gaspar Palacio and Alberto Sierra.

the most winners

The most successful countries in the history of the Bolivarian Games have been Colombia and Venezuela, with four wins each. The current champion of this fair is Colombia, which will seek to revalidate the title in the land of accordion.


Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, 3×3 Basketball, Handball, Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Speed ​​Canoeing, BMX, Mountain Bike, Track Cycling, Road Cycling, Equestrian, Fencing, Water Skiing, Soccer, Futsal, Artistic Gymnastics, Gymnastics rhythmic, trampoline gymnastics, golf, judo, karate, weightlifting, wrestling, swimming, open water swimming, figure swimming, figure skating, speed skating, water polo, rowing, rugby 7s, softball, squash, taekwondo, tennis, tennis table tennis, archery, sports shooting, triathlon, sailing, volleyball and beach volleyball.


12 countries will compete in this fair that reaches its 19th edition. Everyone is betting on the podium.

Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela will measure strength in this tournament that will surely have a very good level.



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