BILD comment: Beginning deserves a second chance! – 3rd division

Dynamo’s sports director Ralf Becker’s decision is courageous, as it contains a lot of explosives. Because never before has a new coach polarized people as much as Markus Beginning before he officially took office.

Critics see in his commitment after the vaccination pass cheating last fall that Dynamo’s already tarnished image could continue to suffer.

Others fear that building a relationship of trust with the players could be difficult at first.

Proponents, on the other hand, believe that Markus’ beginning is a great opportunity for the SGD. Because you could never have lured a coach of his caliber to Dresden under other circumstances.

The fact is: Markus Anfang deserves a second chance. As a coach and as a person! He had to stand up and pay for his – admittedly serious – mistake. Now you should look ahead. For everyone involved, this trainer decision is a new beginning…


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