Biathlon legend surprised! Dahlmeier shines in a new discipline

She is actively involved in extreme climbing and presented a film at the Munich Outdoor Sports Film Festival, in which she conquered the famous Mont Blanc (4809 m) with a pair of renowned climbers.

“Until recently, I knew this sport only from the perspective of the viewer, now I am curious how my documentary (about the climb to the highest mountain in Europe) will be accepted by my close friends. I hope great. It would be the best motivation for me for other events, “Dahlmeier, 28, confided for München.TV.

The legendary biathlete ended her brilliant career, during which she won two Olympic gold medals, seven world titles and a big globe for the overall championship in the World Cup in the 2016/2017 season, unexpectedly soon, at the age of twenty-five. In the spring of 2019, she stated that she had already achieved all the goals in biathlon, lacked motivation and wanted to try other challenges. Among other things, she competed in the World Uphill Championships on long distances in Argentina.

Of course, Dahlmeier is still close to biathlon, so she accepted an offer to co-comment with former biathlete and compatriot Sven Fischer on German television ZDF World Cup and World Cup races.


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