Beysu Konyaspor Basketball is the target European cups

Gençoğlu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he came to Beysu Konyaspor Basketball in February 2022 and that they worked with great devotion.

Mentioning that there is a very good harmony with the management, players and fans, Gençoğlu stated that although the play-off matches were very difficult, thanks to this support and harmony, the championship came.

Gençoğlu noted that although Samsunspor had the field advantage in the play-off final series, they managed to reach the Super League by completing the series 3-1.

Emphasizing that they are also happy that they achieved such a success in Konyaspor’s 100th year, Gençoğlu said, “Our Club President Fatih Özgökçen and the board of directors had a special request from us for the 100th anniversary. They definitely wanted to see our team in the Super League. We are very happy to achieve this. We are happy.” said.

“We will give the same enthusiasm we gave in the lower league in the Super League”

Engin Gençoğlu stated that Beysu Konyaspor Basketball Team’s first two years in the Super League were transition years and continued as follows:

“So we have to adapt to the league. We have to go as far as we can in the league. More precisely, it should be our year of holding on in the league, our transition year. The more we can go up, the more we don’t go down, the better it will be for us. Our president always told us, ‘People are your struggle on the field. He wants you to fight. You fight. The victory is coming.’ He said. Now, as a new team in the Super League, we will always fight and go as far as we can. It is very important because the first year is a transition year.”

Explaining that they want to create a team that can qualify for the European cups in the second year in the league, Gençoğlu said, “That’s why we look at the event for two years. In other words, after we finish our domestic transfer, when we examine our foreign transfers very closely and we touch them, I believe that the challenging, exciting, energetic, wholehearted thing we do in a lower league. I believe that we will create the team that excites the audience in the Super League, and we will have those matches watched.” he said.

“The transfer of some Turkish players is about to end”

Noting that they will start the Super League with a disadvantage and that most of the Turkish transfers have ended, Engin Gençoğlu said, “I was waiting for some Turkish players that I selected two weeks ago. I am about to finish their transfer. We are not in a hurry about the foreigner issue. We started to examine and watch it. It will suit Konyaspor, it will fight on the field, We will try to find 5 foreign players who will excite the audience and form our squad.” made its assessment.

Explaining that everyone from the old to the young supports them in Konya, Gençoğlu added that they are very happy to see all kinds of human mosaics in the stands and that they are lucky in terms of fans.



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