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Millionaires reached its 76th anniversary, messages and joy for the feeling that represents thousands of fans and players who passed through the Bogota institution at some point. History will say that few have remained in the history of the club, being remembered by the fans.

That is the case of Bonner Mosquera, a legendary player who spent much of his career in the Bogota team. He remembered for being that court player in the middle of the court, in addition to alternating as a central defender.

Born in Condoto, he played a total of 550 games with the Millonarios jersey, in all competitions. Mosquera spoke with FUTBOLRED, about the present of the ambassadors and the feeling, on his 76th anniversary.

Sentiment towards Millionaires

It is undeniable that Millonarios represents a lot for me. It was the team that gave me the opportunity to debut, to train as a person, as a player. It gave me the opportunity to change my lifestyle.

It is a team that awakens illusions, positive comments. They must feel very proud of the club.

Opinion of the current Millonarios squad, under the command of Alberto Gamero

They are on the right track, they have done important things. They have put young players to debut, others have been consolidated. Sooner than later there will be the possibility of becoming champions. Millionaires has a very good base. Hopefully they strengthen it so that it gives triumphs and joy to all the fans.

I think that this issue should be analyzed by Gamero. He will know if the players lack character or personality, if they need a striker or more arriving midfielders. He is the only one who knows what he needs to consolidate the team and be able to reach those goals, become champions. He must have analyzed that well and hopefully the directives comply with it so that he can bring joy to the team.

Praise for Carlos Andres Gomez

I really like Gomez, it’s going very well. He is a player who, in the future, will be important for Millonarios. He will give you a lot of revenue, above all, money. He is doing very well, he should have more calm when defining, but he is the one who has impressed me the most.

Message to the fans of Millionaires

That the players have peace of mind, that they give everything so that they can have good tournaments. To the fan who goes to the stadium, there is a good team and they have options to achieve their goals. Make them proud of their team

Option to return to Millonarios

Sure, you want that. Return under conditions and guarantees that allow one to develop everything he knows and has learned. After leaving Millonarios I trained in sports and administration. I have a professional degree, master’s degrees and in sports I have a Pro and A license, I can direct at a professional level.

I would like to put all of this into practice, at the service of an institution that considers that it may need Bonner Mosquera.



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