Benalmádena crowns the champions of Andalusia U-15 and U-19 – Andalusian Badminton Federation

Last weekend, the Autonomous Under-15 and Under-19 Championships, organized by the Andalusian Badminton Federation and the Benalmádena Badminton Club, took place in the Malaga municipality of Benalmádena; and sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, the Hon. Benalmádena City Council and the Excma. Malaga Provincial Council. In this event, it is worth mentioning the four athletes who came out as two-time Andalusian champions, in the U-15 category they were Alberto Martínez and Ana Agua, while in the U-19 category Álvaro Morán and Ainhoa ​​Ramírez stood out.

Alberto Martínez is crowned in the IM

The CAEDT player dominated the individual test starting his career in the round of 16, where he defeated Javier Rodríguez (Montilla) in two quick games (21-6/21-11), to continue beating Montillan Pablo Rey (21- 12/21-13). In the semifinals he left his CAETD partner Adrián Lazo with the bronze (21-10 / 21-17) and met in the final with fellow CAETD player Cristóbal Vallejo.

Vallejo started in the round of 16, beating Jorge Rey from Montilla (21-15/21-4) in two games and left arjonillero Joaquín Lara (21-8/21-12) on the verge of the medal. In the semifinals he got rid of Triana player Fernando Llopis in two sets (21-11 / 21-15) to fight for gold against Alberto Martínez.

In the final, Martínez from Seville managed to win the gold, beating Vallejo in the first two sets (21-16/21-14), thus proclaiming himself Andalusian champion.

Ana Agua wins the Benalmadena final of the IF

Ana Agua and Alba Moriel completed a great test, reaching the two teammates to the final of the IF to fight for the gold of the event. Agua managed to defeat Ángela Moyano (Volante Rute) in two games (21-11/21-7) and Elena Ruz (21-10/21-8) to sneak into the final of the modality. On her part, Moriel beat Miriam Flores from Huelva (18-21 / 21-16 / 21-13) and Eva Casado from Granada (12-21 / 21-17 / 25-23) in three sets.

In this way, the gold and silver went to Benalmádena, with Ana Agua finally obtaining first place by beating Alba Moriel in two sets (21-12/21-15).

Alberto Martínez and Cristóbal Vallejo hang the gold in the DM

The CAETD duo formed by Martínez and Vallejo qualified for the final after defeating the couple formed by Asier Torres and David Carvajal (Almería/La Orden) in two sets (21-19/21-10) and Jorge Rey from Montilla. and Pablo Rey (21-16/21-13).

In the final they faced Adrián Lazo and Pedro Torre (CAETD/Granada), who agreed to it after achieving victories against Rodrigo Cacicedo and Javier Serrano from Benalma (21-8/21-13) and Javier Rodríguez and Adrián Sánchez from Montilla. (21-12/21-14).

In the final, Martínez and Vallejo were crowned champions by beating Lazo and Torre by a double 21-15, this being the second gold medal in Alberto Martínez’s private account.

Ana Agua and Alba Moriel climb to the top in Mexico City

The Benalmadense duo dominated the test by winning the semifinals by fast track against the Volante Rute duo formed by María Hinojosa and Margarita Jiménez (21-9/21-3); and in the final, in the same way to the also Volante Rute tandem made up of Ángela Moyano and Cristina Ramírez (21-5/21-7). The remaining bronze went to Rocío García and Natalia Martínez (Alhaurín de la Torre/IES La Orden), who were defeated in the semifinals by Moyano and Ramírez. With this victory, Ana Agua was also proclaimed two-time Andalusian champion.

Rubén Darío Rosales and Eva Casado win gold in the DX

The couple from Granada reached the final after defeating the Bobadila tandem made up of Juan Antonio Varo and Nerea Rojas (21-10/21-11) and the Huelva couple from La Orden made up of David Moreno and Natalia Martínez (21-7/21 -7).

On the other side of the draw, the arjonilleros Nacho Martínez and Elena Ruz defeated Diego Arenas and Sara Arenas (Volante Rute) in two games (21-10/21-17), and Fernando Llopis and Noelia Jiménez (Triana/Benalmádena) in three sets (21-18/15-21/21-13) to secure silver by reaching the final.

In said final the balance was decided in the first two sets in a tight way on the side of Rosales and Casado (21-16/21-15).

Álvaro Morán, champion without giving up a set in the IM

The player from Huelva completed a great test in which he was invincible to his rivals, who could not concede any game to him. Morán began by beating Jorge Moriel from Benalmádena in the round of 16 (21-9/21-16), and continued to secure the medal by entering the semis after beating Iván Torre from Granada (21-12/21-17). In that round he left the CAETD midfielder Guillermo Nuviala (21-9 / 21-16) with the bronze, and was measured in the final with the arjonillero Guillermo Figueras.

Figueras started with two easy wins against Alejandro Béjar from Benalmádena (21-11/21-19) and La Orden player Bernabé Padilla (21-9/21-15). In the semifinals, he played one of the most even matches of the event against cornerback Emilio Ojeda, beating him after three intense sets (16-21 / 21-18 / 21-17).

And finally, in the final, Morán won the gold by beating Figueras in two games (21-11/21-14).

María Ojeda is proclaimed champion in the IF corner final

If in the IF-15 we highlight two Benalmadenses in the U-19, María Ojeda and Lucía Merchán stood out, both reaching the final. Ojeda began by defeating Paula Cáceres (Amigó) in two even games (23-21/21-17) and got into the semifinals after leaving Jorge Guillén’s player Elena Carnero (21-19/19- 21/21-14). In that round she had a difficult clash against Benalmadena’s Celia de Lara in a very disputed duel that ended up deciding after three sets from the corner side (18-21 / 21-16 / 21-17).

On the other hand, Lucía Merchán got rid of Jorge Guillén’s athlete Sol Pulido (23-21/21-8) in the round of 16 and defeated the top seed, Karen Martín (La Orden) in three games (19-21 /23-21/21-15), thus managing to stand in the final with a Sevillian accent by having her teammate as her rival.

In said final Ojeda emerged victorious by beating Merchán in two close and even sets (21-18/21-15).

Figueras and Morán meet expectations in the DM

The couple formed by Guillermo Figueras and Álvaro Morán started the test as one of the favorites for gold, and they did not disappoint. The arjonillero and Huelva player from La Orden began by beating the duo made up of Bernabé Padilla and José Antonio Serrano (La Orden/Benalmádena) in two sets (21-12/21-16) in the round of 16. In the quarterfinals they also got rid of Alejandro Béjar and Guillermo Nuviala in two sets (21-15/21-12), and entered the final by beating Alejandro Fojtasek and Jorge Moriel from Benalmadena in straight sets (21-15 /21-17).

On the opposite side of the draw, the CAETD couple formed by Christian Arias and Martín Mosquera reached the final after beating David Molina and Carlos M. Rosales (21-8/21-12) from Granada and Francisco Javier Cardeña and Antonio Arjonilleros. Ruz (21-11/16-21/21-14).

The final was decided in two sets by Figueras and Morán (21-14/21-15), Álvaro Morán proclaiming himself two-time Andalusian champion.

Celia de Lara and Ainhoa ​​Ramírez reign in Mexico City

The duo made up of Celia de Lara and Ainhoa ​​Ramírez (Benalmádena/Granada) won the gold after leaving the duo made up of Karen Martín and Carolina Vallejo (21-15/24-22) in the semifinals and beating in the final in three sets Jorge Guillén’s couple made up of Elena Carnero and Paula Moreno (21-17/19-21/21-13).

With the remaining bronze went Seville’s Paula Cáceres and Lucía Merchán (Amigo/Rinconada), who after reaching the semifinals fell to Carnero and Moreno (21-13/21-17).

Iván Torre and Ainhoa ​​Ramírez shine in the DX

The couple from Granada reached the final after leaving Emilio Ojeda and María Ojeda (Rinconada) with the bronze in a very even match that had to be decided in the third and final heat (14-21/21-18/24-22 ). On the opposite side of the draw, Christian Arias and Carolina Vallejo (CAETD) also reached the final, beating Jorge Guillén’s duo made up of Ángel Gallo and Sol Pulido (21-15/21-18).

In the last duel for the coveted medal, Torre and Ramírez beat the CAETD duo in two games (21-12/21-10), hanging in the case of Ainhoa ​​Ramírez the second gold of the day.



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