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Figure skating gold Zagitowa enters boxing (Getty)

Russia’s news agency RIA Novosti reported last night that figure skater and Olympic gold medalist Alina Zagitova (20 = Russia) will be competing in a boxing exhibition match. The event name and date have not been disclosed, but the opponent will be announced soon.

[Photo & Video]Zagitowa with gloves, “bikini” body, and mitt-beating video

Zagitowa spelled “new preparations” on his Instagram today, adding a piece of black tight training suit to green boxing gloves, which has become a hot topic.
Fans seem to be expecting the next development, saying, “How beautiful, who will win?”, “Gloves are cool”, and “Waiting for interesting things”. A video of boxing training was uploaded late last month and became a hot topic.

Zagitowa has been resting since 19 years after winning the gold medal. He participates in skating-related events while studying at university.
I’m looking forward to the next announcement about who will fight this exhibition match.

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