BBL: Raoul Korner becomes coach of the Hamburg Towers – basketball

For days the Towers wobbled around. Hamburg’s basketball players have now officially confirmed what everyone has known for a long time: Raoul Korner (48) will succeed coach Pedro Calles (38/after Oldenburg).

The Ösi signed for two years and also left in July after three years as national coach to concentrate fully on his job at the towers.

“We don’t just see a clear handwriting in him in terms of sport, he also suits us very well as a person,” says sporting director Marvin Willoughby (44).

The cake fan from Vienna is essentially the opposite of his Spanish predecessor: Korner is communicative and thinks basketball players up from the offensive.

He says about himself: “I consider myself a structured, ambitious, disciplined but also very humorous person who is always looking for a challenge.”

She’s definitely waiting for him at the Towers. Except for Korner’s protégé from Braunschweig, Lukas Meisner (26), no player has a contract. “Every change of coach brings with it a certain upheaval. It’s getting more extreme than I’d like, though,” Korner admits.

Squad planning with Willoughby and Benka Barloschky (34/remains assistant coach) has begun.

Korner had lost 13 games in a row with Bayreuth at the end of the season and then announced his departure. After that he even thought out loud about a year off! But the talks with Willoughby convinced the business freak for Hamburg and against an offer from Japan. “I would like to help the organization to be successful in the long term and expect a rocky but very exciting path to get there. The location has enormous potential and I would like to do my part to fully develop it.”



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