Bbc Spirulina Becagli away to Nettuno, two goals for victories

GROSSETO – On Friday and Saturday at the “Steno Borghese” in Nettuno, one of the most heartfelt challenges of the Grosseto baseball fans is staged. The Bbc Grosseto Spirulina Becagli after having collected the least hoped for in the matches against Bologna, San Marino and Parma, goes to visit the boys led by the former Leonardo Mazzanti, who has taken the place of the resigning Fabrizio Ludovisi.

The goal is to return to Maremma with a brace, trusting in the strength of Parma to reduce the disadvantage from Turin, which is currently occupying the second position of group B1 of the championship title.
The coaches will still not have the former on duty Paolino Ambrosino, who will have it for another three to four weeks, and the pitcher Luis Gonzalez, who has resumed training, but will return to the field against Collecchio, after two weeks of rest.
On the mound of the Steno Borghese, on Friday evening the challenge will be staged between the Cuban Jonathan Carbo (1-2, 2.20, 33so), and the Japanese Kodai Hamaya (0-1, 3.52, 18so), who will have Lars as reliefs Liguori and Darlin Camilo. In the Maremma bullpen Noguera (3-3, 2s., 0.98mpgl, 40so) and Oberto (1-1, 4.02). Sent the rest of the starting lineup, with Biscontri receiver and Ferretti designated hitter.

The program. Friday, 8.30 pm: Parmaclima-Campidonico Turin, San Marino-Hort @ Godo (directed by FIBS TV), Camec Collecchio-UnipolSai Bologna, Spirulina Becagli Grosseto-Nettuno 1945.
Saturday, 15.30-20.30 Neptune-Spirulina Becagli; 16-20 San Marino-Hort @ Godo; 16-20.30 Camec Collecchio-UnipolSai Bologna, Parmaclima-Campidonico Turin.
Charts. Gir. A1: San Marino 733 (11-4); Parma 727 (8-3); Collecchio 429 (6-8); Neptune 333 (5-10). Gir. B1: Bologna 833 (10-2); Turin 533 (8-7); Grosseto 333 (5-10); I enjoy 200 (3-12).



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