BASKETBALL: The show was present at the “Street Basket Challenge”

Second edition of the outdoor basketball tournament, 14 teams for two categories. AB Creusot lists this challenge among the meetings for lovers of this sport.

As we know, the hardest part is always the confirmation. After the immense success of last year’s “Street Basket Challenges”, played over three Saturdays, we had to continue, “surf” the wave, in any case, respond to a request from young people, play outside frenzied matches, with a fiery atmosphere, music and opponents to match. Everything was present, even the weather, yet very capricious at the moment.
A tournament with two categories, the “NBA” for adults and the “NCAA” for the youngest and a level that bordered on the spectacular. Anibal Castano, who needs no introduction, likes to give us the tricks of his favorite sport, the things that ordinary mortals cannot fully appreciate: “Look at the 21 de Roanne, it’s unquestionably the strongest, he is incredible. “The former international referee has seen talent go by, so we believe him on the bill!

The player from Roanne, but also the youngest from Saint-Rémy, still the leader of the ABC: “We played him in the U18 league, he is too strong! “The players from Roanne, those from the Chalonnaise region, Dijon or Breuil with the locals, there was heavy in front of the Jean de Prat room in Creusot.

The presidents were satisfied, even if they would have liked a bigger influence, Karima Raboudi and Aurélie Langlois: “We had to postpone the challenge, the championships ended later this year, and then last weekend, we organized the departmental finals for seniors and young people. We are doing this challenge to close the season, it’s a festive day that also brings together basketball lovers, not specifically those of the ABC. We would like to thank our volunteers who work all year and have done everything for this tournament. They prepared the tables, painted the courts. We associate our sponsors, without them, nothing is possible. »
Yes, but the influence is not as expected, always the presidents: “The associative world is more and more difficult, people invest much less. We can’t say that the parents don’t come to follow their kids, but often they only take care of their child, without taking care of the rest, the life of the club. Let’s not generalize this, but it is a trend that we are seeing. We understand what is happening in clubs like Le Creusot volleyball, it is what hangs in the face of many associations. Attention. »
An observation and a music that we hear more and more. Le Creusot is lucky to have these two women, accompanied by passionate volunteers, to offer young people these spectacular events, so that basketball continues, so that our city shines again.


NBA, adults: Space Jam (Roanne)
Ncaa, young people: New gen (Dijon)

Vincent Brucci



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