Basketball: Thanks to wild card: Skyliners Frankfurt continue to play in the BBL

Status: 06/02/2022 1:40 p.m

The Skyliners Frankfurt will also play in the basketball upper house in the coming season. After the sporting relegation, the Hessians received the longed-for wildcard on Thursday.

Although the Frankfurt Skyliners season has been over for some time, the basketball players should have cheered on Thursday. Both the clubs, as the majority owner of the BBL, and the German Basketball Association (DBB), as the minority owner, have approved the Hessians’ application for a wildcard.

Skyliners touches and motivates

The Frankfurt team was the only team to apply for special authorization. Despite the sporting relegation, the Skyliners will also play in the basketball Bundesliga in the coming season. “We are pleased that the Frankfurt location can still be found on the BBL map – not only because the business there is very solid economically, but because the club also sets clear accents in the youth field, both broadly and at the top “, said BBL Managing Director Stefan Holz.

“We would like to thank the BBL clubs and the DBB for the unequivocal vote and the appreciative words towards us. This touches and motivates us a lot,” said the managing partner of the Skyliners, Gunnar Wöbke.

Wild card costs 700,000 euros

The Wildcard cost the Skyliners 700,000 euros. As the Frankfurter Rundschau recently reported, the Hessians have to pay 450,000 euros for the 2022/23 season and the remainder for the 2023/24 season. “We have already been promised more than half of the wildcard sum in a short time. For the rest, the club and its shareholders are taking the risk for the time being,” explained Yannick Binas, the second managing director of Hessen.

For Frankfurt it is now a matter of finding a coach as quickly as possible in order to then set up a suitable squad for the new season. If manager Sport Marco Völler has his way, the new head coach should be found this week. With captain Quantez Robertson, Len Schoormann, Lukas Wank, Lorenz Brenneke and Matt Harms, five players are returning from last season. The Skyliners also have an option with point guard Brancou Badio.

The next descent could have consequences

The Skyliners have played continuously in the BBL since their inception in 1999. Thanks to the wildcard, this series will last for at least another year. For the time being, however, the Hessians can no longer afford another season like the last. According to the league statutes, a wildcard can only be requested once in five years. The next sporting descent could actually have consequences.

This is what happened to the Giessen 46ers in the past season. The Mittelhessen should actually have been relegated to the Pro A last summer. Thanks to a wildcard, the 46ers stayed in the Bundesliga. But because the situation didn’t improve, the traditional club ended up in a relegation zone again and now has to make a fresh start in the 2nd Bundesliga.



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