Basketball, Serie C Gold: Diesel Tecnica wins game 5 of the play-off final and flies to Serie “B”

On 19 June 2022, it will remain forever in the memory of the many basketball fans of Vallo di Diano and Sala Consilina in particular. Well yes, sometimes dreams come true and the boys of the Diesel Tecnica of Sala Consilina thought of making the dream of promotion come true, led on the bench by the technician from Potenza Antonio Paternoster, who in his first year in the common head of the row of Vallo centers a historic promotion winning the Serie C Gold championship. At the expense of Angri Basketball which until the end tried to put a spoke in the wheels, of the very launched wagon of the blue boys, but which in the end had to surrender in front of the strength and determination of Diesel Tecnica.
The evening at PalaZingaro was too beautiful, crowded as usual with many fans who made the air vibrate with every action, every basket. The race is beautiful, like all the previous ones, the teams
they face each other openly, proving once again that if they have reached the end, there is a reason. The Diesel Tecnica starts strong and immediately finds heavy points, thanks to Merlo, Misolic and Mezzacapo, replies the Angri Basketball, with an immense Marcovic, on which the Salese defense doubles to try to limit the solutions. And so among various push and pull we arrive at the last period of the game, where the “captain” Taylor Garcia, with all his class, comes out to make the difference. Angri tries to go back under, but now the Blue Boys fly also supported by their great audience, and go to take the cup, that cup that at the beginning of the sporting year, no one here had ever even thought of seeing on the Sala Consilina parquet. Gangale, Mbaye, Morciano and De la Cruz complete the list of filmmakers, their huge contribution allows them to stay ahead until the end and kick off the thunderous celebrations until late into the night.
Sometimes dreams come true, the Diesel Tecnica flies to Serie B thanks to as many promotions obtained in the last two years, thanks to a company that has been able to program in the best possible way and that responds to the name of a young but already winning Sports Director like Andrea Durante, who silently and professionally built a group capable of giving this immense joy.

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Domenico Iuliano, Diesel Tecnica Sala Consilina Press Office

Match report: Merlo 20 points, Garcia 19, Gangale 10, Misolic 9, Mbaye 8, Mezzacapo 7, Morciano and De la Cruz 4
Progressive partials: 24-20, 43-39, 60-55, 82-73



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