Basketball player saved the life of a referee during a game

Moments of anguish were experienced on a New York basketball court, when John Sculli, a referee who collapsed in a Basketball League game between Toledo Glass City and the Jamestown Jackals.

Sculli, suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing for a moment, but the firefighter did a superhuman job and saved his life.

The incident occurred during the first quarter of the match. The referee, who had not presented any abnormalities, collapsed on the field in front of the bench of the Gass City team, in which Myles Copeland played.

Myles, who is also a professional firefighter in Ohio, traveled with the team to New York for a game. Noticing what was happening, I did not hesitate to assist John, and see if he had a pulse, doing Cardio Respiratory Respiration (CPR).

Saved the life of a referee

The event took place before the bewildered gaze of all the spectators. But, fortunately for all, Copeland knew how to act in this situation.

“Instantly, my instincts kicked in and I got there before I had time to think. I felt for a pulse, making sure he was breathing. I didn’t feel a pulse, so I started doing CPR like I’m trained to do,” Copeland told local media.

Immediately afterwards, Sculli was taken to a nearby hospital to receive medical attention and thus be able to advance in his recovery.

In this way, Copeland kept Sculli alive, who according to the family is in recovery and will have to undergo heart surgery to repair a blockage.

“A guy like this deserves to be celebrated. Not only because he saved her life, but because of the humility with which he behaved afterwards. He’s the kind of guy who’s a hero because he stepped up when he needed to and he’s not going to take any of the credit,” League President David Magley said.

Main news source: tmz



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