Basketball / Ousmane Dieng’s NBA Draft broadcast at Villeneuve Basket Club

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On the occasion of the NBA Draft in which Ousmane Dieng will participate, his training club, the Villeneuve Basket Club, is organizing an evening where the show will be broadcast live.

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In Villeneuve-sur-Lot, the René-Descartes sports complex, which saw the first dribbles of Ousmane Dieng, will also see the advent of the 19-year-old player in the NBA. The Villeneuve Basket Club yesterday had permission from the town hall to use the Descartes room at night. The screens in the complex used on match nights will serve as televisions. The satellite line was installed by technicians to broadcast the NBA Draft live at 2:00 a.m. Thursday night through Friday. Thus the public present will be able to discover where the young French player will land. This idea, the club imagined it a few months ago. « We’ve wanted to do this evening since he announced his candidacy for the NBA Draft. It’s so exceptional for us. We couldn’t stay idle. So, since we can’t all go to New York, we bring the Draft to us », explains Thomas Ribes, co-president in charge of the youth teams of Villeneuve Basket.

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Obviously, the presence of Ousmane Dieng in the NBA Draft is the pride of his training club. « It’s a joy for him. He was humbly taught basketball until he was 13 years old and thereafter, he worked a lot to arrive in the NBA » assures the co-president. The evening is officially for the club’s licensees, but the doors will not be closed either if some curious people wish to come. Thomas Ribes specifies: « In the form of a Spanish inn, do not hesitate to bring snacks and a drink to your health! The champagne will be cool for the revelation. »

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