Basketball instructor was sentenced to 12 years in prison for committing a dozen sexual abuses against minors

The Oral Criminal Court of La Serena, after a unanimous decision by the magistrates and after receiving all the evidence presented by the Vicuña Prosecutor’s Office, determined to sentence a basketball instructor to 12 years in prison, who was accused by the persecuting entity of committing a dozen sexual abuse against underage girls.

The reported events correspond to the year 2020. However, and after the work carried out by the local prosecutor’s office together with the Criminal Investigation Brigade -Bicrim- of the Vicuña PDI, it was possible to add other events that are located between the period 2009 and 2020.

The prosecutor of Vicuña, Juan Rubén González, commented that “he (accused), using his capacity as professorhe gained the trust of the victims, their parents and carried out his actions in the gym and in other places. He would even invite them to her house.”

Likewise, it was reported that the man was disabled for life to perform work that involves direct contact with minors.

On the other hand, the prosecutor(s) of Vicuña, Lady Dubó, valued the testimony of the victims who dared to testify in court.



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