Basketball has its qualifiers

3×3 basketball is a modality that has been installed in the Evita National Games and for a few years it has spread to different parts of the country. In Tierra del Fuego it is disputed throughout the province within the framework of the Fuegian Games.

BIG RIVER.- In the gymnasium of the Haspen School in the city of Río Grande, the decisive matches of the U-14 category were played for both branches, decreeing the champion of the local instance of the men’s branch of the 2022 Fueguinos Games.

Among the men, the Universitario “A” team won the final, where they faced Metalúrgico “6” and defeated them 6-4, qualifying for the provincial final.

For its part, among the ladies, Universitario prevailed in the final 8-3 over the Metalúrgico “7” team, thus achieving the possibility of now playing the provincial final against the champion of the city of Ushuaia.

In addition, regarding the U-16 category, among the boys, the Universitario “B” team defeated Metalúrgico “A” by a clear 10-2 and won the local instance champion medal.

As for the U-16 girls, the champion was Metalúrgico, who defeated the Universitario team in the final.

The Metalúrgico team won the final 7-4 over Universitario, in a contest that unfortunately had several casualties and had to rearrange its competition system on the fly, with the aim that everyone can play as many games as possible. coinciding with what he pursues in this type of social encounter.

Now the girls directed by the teacher Elizabeth Córdoba will have to play the provincial instance against the Ushuaia champion for the classification to the Evita National Games that will be held in October, again in Mar del Plata.

Ushuaia tooIt isn has his own

On Friday, basketball was played in the three versus three format of the Fuegian Games, with regard to the local Ushuaia stage, where around forty games were played at the Ana Giro Gymnasium facilities, which provided the setting for a splendid day for the Sub14 and Sub16 categories.

After the preliminary matches, in the men’s U16 division, Club Colegio del Sur took the grand final, since the two triplets that were looking for the first place, reached the decisive match, keeping the green CCDS first place. While in the definition of the Sub14 branch they could not face Club Escuela 3 “A”.

In the case of women’s, Amigos del Básquet won everything by playing both finals, leading this club to participate in the provincial stage in the coming months, in search of the Fuegian champions.



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